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Dakota Alert produces some of the best wireless driveway alarms on the market today and they have been doing so for over 20 years. They have a variety of driveway alarms to fit a variety of needs. Whether you are a home owner or a ranch owner, Dakota Alert has a product that will help you protect your family and your belongings. Dakota’s product line includes wireless motion drive alerts; wireless rubber hose drive alerts, vehicle sensors, weather alert products, and more.

What is a Driveway Alarm?

A driveway alarm can be that extra layer of home security that you need. Even if you already have an alarm system in place, a driveway alarm protects the parameter of your home and will instantly warn you of unwanted intruders. The driveway alarm works with a transmitter and a receiver. When the transmitter detects movement across a driveway or protected area, it sends a signal to the receiver which then sounds an alert. These devices are not only useful for driveways, but can guard over any spot where you think an intruder might be or an area that you would like to monitor, from behind the ranch to around the pool.

While some competitors advertise greater radio ranges than Dakota does, Dakota advertises ranges tested in real world applications affected by trees, hills, buildings, and sidings (as opposed to ideal situations). Because of this, the listed range of Dakota’s 3000 series is 600 feet. The driveway alarms that Dakota makes are also very durable and meant for outdoor use.