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Adel manufactures biometric fingerprint security locks, among other lock products.Adel’s product line includes fingerprint locks, hotel locks, electronic door locks for commercial use, fingerprint safes, fingerprint gun boxes, smartcard reader/writer locks, and vehicle locks.

Adel is regarded by many as being the premier manufacturer of biometric fingerprint locks.The company maintains over 100 products patents and has been developing new products for over 13 years.Their customers are worldwide and include over 60 countries and regions.

Home Security Store carries two Adel door locks that come in both left and right hand models.The products are the LA9-MFLH-T - Mifare Card Door Lock and the LA9-TMLH-T - TM Card Door Lock.

The Mifare Card Door Lock grants access to up to 120 users.The kit comes with the door-mounted reader and 4 Mifare cards.Meanwhile, the TM Card Door Lock is a one touch tag access control door lock that can be installed at home or at the office.It grants access to up to 15 users.

There are a number of Adel “firsts” –

  • The first one to offer fingerprint lock technology.Adel started to develop fingerprint technology in 1998 and has successfully incorporated it into electronic locks. It is the first company in the world to offer fingerprint locks.
  • The first one to offer DIY electronic look.DIY lock is the type that users can install and tweak the door handle by themselves.Installation is simple and users can enjoy the DIY experience.
  • The first one to offer full plastic fingerprint door lock.
  • The first one to offer fingerprint card.