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COP-USA, INC (also known as COP CCTV) offers a full product line for just about any security application.The products range from professional high security systems to wireless surveillance products catered to the residential consumer.Products include professional quality CCD cameras, DVRs, dome cameras, mini covert cameras, PTZ cameras, flat screen monitors, transmitters and receivers, cables, optical lenses, battery packs, and CCTV accessories.

The company’s headquarters are in Taiwan and China.There, they exclusively design, produce, and manufacture the brand COP-USA, providing a complete wholesale one-stop shop for all CCTV clientele.COP-USA’s offices in the United States are in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.The company has sold more than one million cameras and has fast become a leader in the CCTV industry.

Home Security Store carries several of COP-USA’s covert line of products, plus amplifiers, converters, a mini-portable DVR, and a portable service monitor.With COP-USA’s covert line you can rest assured your entire house or business can be watched without anyone being the wiser.For example, the FS35 - Covert Spy Fire Sprinkler Camera can easily fit into just about any office like environment that is up to fire code.This product looks like any typical fire sprinkler, but has a secret camera in it.Plus, not only can it capture video, but audio as well.The same goes for the SDR35 - Functional Smoke Detector Covert Color Camera, the CS55P - Snake Color Camera with Goose Neck Bracket, and the CH21C-E - Covert PIR Motion Detector Security Cameras.