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Home Security Store knows that security systems and fire protection solutions are only as good as their wiring. That’s why we have partnered with Contractors Wire & Cable to bring you the best in wire and cable. After all, you need wire and cable to be tough and reliable.

Contractors Wire & Cable is one of the largest independent wholesale distributors of low voltage cabling and data conductivity products. Their clients include Apple Computer, CBS, Cisco Systems, Disneyland, and Lockheed. Contractors Wire & Cable was established in 1989 and is now servicing customers worldwide with over $25 million in sales. The company is based in the San Francisco Bay area, but also has offices in Phoenix AZ, Anaheim CA, and Dallas TX with plans for future growth and expansion.

Contractors Wire & Cable supplies CATV and CCTV cable, Fire Cable, Intercom, Telephone, Security/Access Control Cable, Speaker Cable, Thermostat Cable, Voice & Data, Control Cable, Direct Burial, Fiber Optic, Traffic Signal, Home Automation Cable, Pump and Irrigation Cable, and much more.

Home Security Store carries four products made by Contractors Wire & Cable.One of those products is the CL20400-9XSC05 - 500' 22/2 Solid Station Wire. This wire can be used for alarm sensor hookup or for other low voltage electrical hookup applications. The second product is the FPL1121-2XU10 - 18/4 Solid FPLR 1000 ft Red. Applications of this particular wire include installations of fire alarms, smoke detectors, security systems, and other fire protective circuits.The other two products used for similar applications are the FPL1120-2XU10 - 18/2 Solid FPLR 1000ft RED and theFPL1121-2XU05 - 18/4 Solid FPLR 500ft Red Wire.