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Arrow Fastener Company is best known for their heavy duty steel staple guns.Their most popular product is the T50, which has been around for more than 5 decades. Arrow was founded in 1929 and is a leading manufacturer of manual and electronic staple and nail guns, glue, and rivet tools.Arrow products are mostly used by building trade professional and the do-it-yourself markets.

Home Security Store carries two Arrow staple guns and the additional staples that go with them. These products can be used to staple down TV cable, computer cable, computer CAT 5 cable, RG6 and RG59, alarm wire, low voltage wire, and much more. The ARF-T25 - Arrow T-25 Staple Gun is a multi-purposed wire tacker.It is made of steel and features a jam proof mechanism. Meanwhile, the ARF-T59 - Arrow T-59 Staple Gun is an insulated staple wire tacker.It is also made of steel and with a jam proof mechanism.Both products have a chrome finish that will resist wear and tear.

Arrow’s manufacturing facilities are based in Saddle Brook, New Jersey. The company also has operations in Canada and Europe. Arrow currently sells a full line of manual and electric staplers, brad nail guns, hot melt glue guns, hammer tackers, rivet tools, accessories, and fastening supplies for all of their tools, many of which were designed for a specific application to make the given job easier. With eighty years of experience, Arrow has built a reputation as a well established and trusted supplier of reliable, innovative, and affordable products.