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Home Security Store works with Mace Security International to bring you a line of personal defense sprays and home protection products.Mace Security owns the highly recognized name Mace.The Mace sold today by the company is actually pepper spray, rather than tear gas.Many other companies now manufacture similar products, but none come close to the sales of Mace by Mace.

One of the more popular Mace products that Home Security sells is the 80185 Leather Plus Model.This product fits easily in your pocket or purse and features a glow-in-the-dark locking safety cap.In addition, it has a handy key-ring so you can keep up with it pretty much at all times.This particular pepper spray device sprays up to ten feet away and contains 5 one second bursts.The main difference in some of the Mace pepper spray devices is the grams of spray that each holds.The more grams you have, the more bursts that you are capable of defending yourself with.

Mace Security not only sells personal defense sprays, but a full line of security products as well including cameras, monitors, DVRs, spy gadgets, and CCTV accessories.The company also has their hand in other ventures such as an e-commerce business (which sells skin care, weight loss, and teeth whitening products) and a wholesale central monitoring station.In addition, Mace owns and operates car washes.

Mace corporate is located in Horsham, Pennsylvania, but manufactures and markets its security products out of different locations throughout the U.S.The personal defense products (the famous Mace spray, KinderGard, Mace Anti Crime Bureau and TakeDown) are developed in Bennington, Vermont, and the electronic surveillance products are developed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.