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With more than 30 years of experience, Aleph America is a worldwide leader in sensing devices. They manufacture these products for the electronics, automotive, office automation, and security industries. Although Alpha produces security products, their specialty is in making reed switches.In fact, they have more than 30 different types of reed switches that include general applications, high power, high voltage, high insulation resistance, low thermal EMF, and mercury wetted.However, in the field of security, Aleph manufactures and distributes Passive Infrared Detectors, Photoelectric Beams, and Magnetic Contacts.

Home Security Store carries 4 products made by Aleph.The APX-101- Ceiling Mounted PIR Sensor Pet Immune can be incorporated into a home alarm and security system to cover a wide zone, perhaps in a living room or bedroom. The APX-101 has wide angle coverage of 39.4 ft. x 45.9 ft.Meanwhile, Aleph also carries a simple, yet innovative motion detector that also serves as a security light.This particular motion detector (XP-43SL) is pet immune up to 100 pounds as well.The third and fourth products consist of Photoelectric Dual Beams which come in a range of either 250 feet (MY- 40) or 400 feet (MY-60).

In addition to Aleph’s standard catalog products, the company offers custom engineer and the manufacture of sensors, reed relays, and home security products designed to meet specifications and performance requirements. Aleph America has an office in Reno, Nevada.However, the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yokohama, Japan-based Nippon Aleph, a corporation with sales exceeding $220 million.