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With proven performance in more than 50 million burglar alarm installations, home and business owners rely on United Security Products (USP) magnetic contacts, pressure mats, and automatic voice dialers to protect their property.USP is based in Poway, California and has been in business for over 30 years.

Home Security Store carries USP’s line of automatic voice dialers.The USP automatic voice dialers are small, compact, and user friendly.USP dialers deliver advanced technology and are available in models ranging from single to 4 alarm zones. The dialer can deliver voice and numeric messages to phones, cell phones, and pagers.The three models Home Security Store carries are the AD2000 - USP Voice Dialer 4 Channels 8 Numbers, the AD2001 - USP Voice Dialer 2 Channels 4 Numbers, and the AVD-2005 - Automatic Voice Dialer w/ Power Failure Notification.

Among other USP products are adapters and batteries, plus the 724 - USP Window Bug Glass Break Detector (White) and the HUB-2SA - N/O OR N/C Panic Switch.The Window Bug protects businesses and residences all over the world.In fact, according to USP, a Window Bug is installed somewhere every 60 seconds!The detector works with patented turning fork technology that enables the Window Bug to sense the shockwave frequency of breaking glass and interrupt the alarm circuit.Meanwhile, the HUB panic switch is an efficient product as well.It is used to trigger a silent alarm and activate cameras and equipment, all with the same switch.A recessed button prevents accidental activation, and latching switches have a reset tool included.