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With Street Smart Security’s wireless automation products, you can add convenience and control to your home security plan.  Street Smart Security was founded in 1989 and today is a wireless division of Honeywell. The company’s first product was the Code Encryptor. With it, Street Smart Security made their mark as this was the first remote of its kind. While other companies manufacture devices for specific systems, Street Smart’s Encryptor was a data bus that works with nearly every major system on the market.  The Code Encryptor’s name came from its state of the art encryption technology that changes codes every time the remote’s buttons are pressed (64-bit encryption, which will generate 4 billion hopping codes). Street Smart Security quickly became a standard in the security industry and has done business with major companies and organizations such as the FBI, Disney, Warner Bros., US Marshals, Qualcomm, and Motorola.

Street Smart Security went on to develop other security related products from an RF light switch to a security system voice module.  Additionally, Street Smart Security’s reputation for quality RF controls allowed them to make their niche in the OEM arena. Street Smart’s OEM projects include - emergency panic buttons for utility companies, remote controls for CCTV, remote controls for hydraulic lifts, remote indicators for RV braking systems, and Power Presenter RF.

Street Smart Security stays at the forefront of wireless technology with a full staff of engineers. The company is based in Poway, California. Their encryption products have been featured on Good Morning America, CNBC, The Today Show, and many other regional news shows across the U.S.