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Avemia is based in Los Angeles, California and is a distributor of digital surveillance systems and CCTV products including video capture cards, CCTV cameras, and accessories.  Home Security Store carries a number of Avemia products including dome cameras, bullet cameras, long-range cameras, night-vision cameras, H.264 DVR power supplies, staplers, stripping tools, adapters, and connectors.  This is what Avemia says

With over 10 years experience in the industry, Avemia has been a true pioneer in the area of digital surveillance systems.  Besides distributing the products, we also share our experience with customers.  We have helped many wholesale customers to improve their digital surveillance business; we also regularly offer OEM options to them. Our advanced manufacturing facility in Southern China has both the experience and productive capacity to meet virtually all OEM CCTV manufacturing needs. 

For Home Security Store, dealing business with Avemia is dealing direct with the manufacturer. Avemia controls product quality at all levels of the manufacturing process.  The company devotes extensive resources on developing the best line of Digital Video Recorders and Security Cameras. An example of this is their partnership with Sony in making some of the most sought after security cameras.  Some Avemia cameras come equipped with a Sony image sensor that utilizes CCD (charged couple device) technology.  As seen in the DVCCMNV854 - Long Range Weather Proof IR Camera Varifocal, the 1/3 inch Sony Color CCD image sensor is used to capture light (or optical image) and convert it into electrical signals, making for a more dynamic picture.