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WINN Security Products

WINN Security Products are setting a new standard in residential and commercial security. If you’re an installer, you can enjoy the ultimate competitive advantage, and if you’re a homeowner, you can rest easy with the assurance of superior safety and surveillance. WINN products are backed by the Winn family, with more than 70 years in the security industry, including installation, product design, alarm monitoring and security consulting.

Security on Another Level

Reliable security is paramount for any home or business, and no one understands this better than WINN. These experts have brought together the industry’s most knowledgeable team of professionals to design and manufacture the most cutting-edge security products on the market. The company offers an unparalleled selection of game-changing products, and the latest creations include a series of unprecedented dummy cameras. WINN dummy cameras look exactly like authentic cameras, right down to the flashing red LED light. These cameras are available in black and silver housing, and are the most realistic-looking surveillance cameras on the market today.

All Your Security Essentials

Of course, dummy cameras are just the tip of the iceberg. The superior WINN product line also includes a wide selection of door and window contacts, mini-recessed magnets, CCTV cable and wire, overhead and garage door contacts, security signs and decals. Suitable for both home and commercial use, these products provide the ultimate combination of quality and value.

Why Go with Winn Security?

WINN Security Products are the culmination of tireless research and development. WINN utilizes an approach that caters entirely to the needs of the end user, and sets itself apart by consistently exceeding industry expectations and moving security technologies forward across the entire industry. In doing so, WINN has established itself as one of the most trusted names in security, and its commitment to quality and reliability remains unparalleled

Win with WINN

If you’re looking for performance, ease of use, and technological innovation, explore all the available options. Home Security Store is the official headquarters of WINN products, and we ship straight from our Southern California warehouse. Whether you’re an installer looking for professional equipment, or a homeowner looking for some affordable DIY security solutions, look no further than WINN Security. Equip yourself with the ultimate in safety technology, and protect the people and property that you care about.