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The Next Generation in Medical Alert Systems

Personal emergencies that require help can happen anytime and anywhere, and the only constant in your emergency is you. The basis of our technology is what we refer to as person-based communication or “PBC”. Our goal is to develop simple to use, efficient and elegant PBC devices that you wear, which will provide you the seamless and constant ability to reach help with the most optimal means of communication.

Our initial product, SilverCare®, incorporates this concept. The ability to alert emergency personnel exists in devices today with Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) or “big red button” devices. However, the technology is limited and not optimal because in most cases you can’t speak through the wireless device, usually a watch or pendant. You can only communicate through the stationary base station which is typically in the room next to the phone. Falls among seniors often occur in the bathroom, far away from the base console. Through our PBC technology, SilverCare allows you to talk wirelessly through the watch or pendant anywhere in your house.

Our future products will carry on the PBC concept, providing wearable devices that optimize communication through motion sensors, blue tooth, and auto-fall detection recognition, among others.