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Skylink is perhaps best known to Home Security Store customers for their SC100 and SC1000 Wireless Home Alarm Systems.  Skylink Alarms are very easy to install, feature rolling code technology, and can incorporate dozens of different sensors including flood and smoke detectors. 

Another product which Skylink is well known for is the Skylink Emergency Auto Dialer.  This Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) dials out in an emergency situation in the case that you can’t.  This dialer is ideal for the elderly or the disabled.  With the press of just one button, the dialer can be prompted to call out to up to 9 different phone numbers and play a customized 40-second message.

Other Skylink products include garage door control devices, automatic swing door openers, universal remote control transmitters, and their newest SKylinkHome line.  SkylinkHome features convenient and user-friendly home automation lighting systems.  Home Security Store has over 25 parts in-house, which are sold as kits and as accessories.  With these kits you can control lighting and other electrical devices throughout your home or business.  In addition, you can control the brightness of your lighting by dimming the lights up or down and what’s even better – you can do all this wirelessly!

SkyLink was established in 1990 and has 4 locations - a sales office and warehouse in Canada, a distribution center in Southern California; an international sales office in Hong Kong; and a manufacturing facility in China.