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Unexpected events happen.That is why you should start protecting your investment today.You can remotely monitor your home, cabin, greenhouse, business office, or other property with a Sensaphone system.Sensaphone designs and manufactures a line of remote monitoring systems that are built to safeguard your property.The first Sensaphone system was developed twenty years ago to fill a need in the industrial market.Up to that point, Sensaphone reports that no device existed that adequately monitored conditions at remote sites.Today, Sensaphone systems collect and report critical data to you wherever you are and whenever you need to know.An example of this would be the FGD0400 - Sensaphone 400, capable of monitoring, temperature, power, noise, water leak detection, smoke and gas, humidity, door and window security, and more.If an element you choose to monitor is vulnerable, the Sensaphone 400 will call you.

The Sensaphone 400, like the entire Sensaphone family of monitoring and control systems, ensures that environmental and process conditions in remote sites never turn into a disaster.More than that, they provide a far broader range of features and applications for users to choose from and they do so at an affordable price.

Sensaphone holds three patents for unique remote monitoring methods and continues to stay at the forefront of technical innovation.A Sensaphone facility, where the engineers work out of, is located in Aston, Pennsylvania.With nearly a quarter of a million systems in use today, Sensaphone offers high quality products and product support, plus the best customer satisfaction record in the remote monitoring industry.