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Winland Electronics develops proprietary products for the environmental security products market, including sensors and alarm products that monitor power, water, temperature, humidity, and vehicle detection. The devices can be connected to existing hardwired or wireless home or business security systems.Winland distributes these products through more than 500 alarm and security dealers.

Among some of the Winland products that Home Security Store carries are two WaterBug models.The Water Bug is used for dependable water detection and is ideal for basement sump pumps, drain storage areas, computer rooms, document storage areas, warehouses, and sprinkler systems. WaterBug sensors work by forming a conductive bridge between two contacts. The device uses a 9V battery for stand-alone operation.

Another Winland Electronics product sold at Home Security Store is the EA200 - WINLAND ENVIRO ALERT which works with the Water Bug.The EA200 monitors two zones with one on-board temperature sensor and an additional remote temperature, humidity, or water sensing probe. If temperatures and/or humidity deviate from the preset limits or water forms a bridge between the contacts on the WaterBug sensor, the designated relay for each zone will activate the alarm, dialer, transmitter, or other alert unit.

Winland Electronics is based in Mankato, Minnesota and is headquartered in a 58,000 square ft. state-of-the-art facility.Winland executives say that hard work and employee dedication has taken Winland Electronics from two full-time employees with $230,000 in sales in 1983 to the present day with over 125 employees and recorded sales of $34.7 million in 2007.