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ION Security

Home Security Store technicians give two big thumbs up to ION Security for their ION wireless technology, which is elegantly integrated into every ION SECURITY sensor product. The ION PLUNGER wireless door security sensor and the ION MICRA wireless window security sensor are top rated and can be ordered online through Home Security Store. ION Security products are for residential and commercial use. The company was founded with the purpose of creating new innovative wireless products for both of those markets. Engineers at ION think outside of the box to bring discrete and well crafted sensors to the security market. Their sensors are built to be compatible with leading manufacturers such as GE Security and DSC and they are sold at an affordable price.

The MICRA-(both D and G) - ION Security Wireless Window Sensors are ideal for vinyl windows. That’s because they are made to fit perfectly into the chase of a window so that you do not compromise the seal of the window. While the PLUNGER- (both D and G) - ION Security Wireless Door Sensors are made to be discrete and easy to install. The PLUNGER simply goes in the hinge side of the door so that it needs no traditional and obtrusive magnet that door sensors are usually built with. Both the ION Security MICRA and PLUNGER are each powered by a 3.0V Lithium Coin Cell Battery. This particular battery has an average life-span of about 5+ years, ensuring you and your family's safety will not be compromised by the easily forgettable task of needing to replace your battery.