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Elk Products, Inc. is a prominent company within the security and automation industry.Elk’s M1 Gold Security and Automation Kit (ELK-M1GSYS4) is a favorite among professional installers and comes highly recommended by Home Security Store technicians.That’s because the M1 Gold is capable of controlling from a single source not only your home security, but your window coverings, sprinklers, lighting, thermostats, pumps, gates, doors, garage, water heater, even your audio system, plus much more. The M1 Gold provides total control of your home or business by coordinating the sub systems as one to simplify the usage of the entire system.Simple to use keypads, touch screens, and computer software allow you to be in control on premise, but you also have control remotely over the internet as well.In addition, the M1 Gold version adds voice alerts and telephone remote control.

Another Elk product sold and highly recommended at Home Security Store is the ELK-M1EZ8KB - ELK Cross Platform Control KIT. Built on the same software architecture as the M1 Gold, the possibilities for expansion, networking, and option for programming and control over the internet make the ELK-M1EZ8 an exceptional value (but without voice and telephone remote control capability). There are many accessories that can be paired with Elk systems made by not only Elk, but by GE Security as well.

Other Elk products include speakers, sirens, power products, timers, relays, programmable logic controllers, and recordable messaging boards allowing installers to solve problems out in the field.

Elk is based in Hildebran, North Carolina.