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  • Supervised Photoelectric Smoke Detector Transmitter

    1 Review(s)
    The DXS-73 is a photoelectric smoke alarm with a built-in transmitter designed for use with Linear's DXS and DX format receivers. When smoke is detected, the alarm sounds a lo Learn More

  • Linear Wireless Remote Keypad

    Great for Master bedrooms! This additional convenience not only lets you arm/disarm the system and send a signal for help right from your bedside. Ideal for wives who's husban Learn More

  • Linear Miniature Door/Window Transmitter

    The NEW DXS-32 is Linear's smallest door/window transmitter design. This transmitter can be used in a variety of wireless applications. The DXS-32 is powered by two 3-Volt Lit Learn More

  • Linear Wireless Glass Break

    Recommended for rooms with picture windows, sliding glass doors, and other large glass areas. Learn More

  • 3 Button 4 Channel Handhald Transmitter

    The Model DXS-23 Supervised 3-Button, 4-Channel Handheld Transmitter is a supervised, digitally coded radio transmitter designed for use with Linear's DX and DXS Format rec Learn More

  • 1 Button, 1 Channel Key Ring Remote

    The Model DXT-41 1-Button, 1-Channel Key Ring Transmitter is a battery powered, portable, miniature transmitter designed for use with Linear's DX Format receivers. Each tra Learn More

  • Linear Door/Window Transmitter

    Some of the most vulnerable areas in our homes are our windows and doors. Most home robberies and break-ins involve entry through a window, and while window bars can certainly do the trick when it comes to keeping intruders out, some of us might find them unsightly. These days, there's a wide selection of door and window sensors that detect entry, and Linear's DXT31 door/window transmitter is one of the most reliable on the market. Learn More

  • Linear Supervised Emergency Alarm Transmitter

    The Model DXS-65 Supervised Emergency Alarm Transmitter is a supervised water-resistant emergency alarm transmitter designed for use with Linear's PERS Consoles and can also be used with other Linear DX or DXS format receivers. Learn More

  • Linear Personal Emergency Reporting System

    The Model PERS-3600B Personal Emergency Reporting System is a supervised wireless emergency reporting product designed for medical alert applications Learn More

  • Linear Supervised Wrist-Pendant Long Range Emergency Transmitter

    The Model DXS-LRC is a battery powered, miniature water-resistant, supervised transmitter designed for use in emergency applications with Linear's DX and DXS Format receivers. Learn More

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Linear Security | Home Security Store

Linear Security specializes in engineered radio frequency (RF) products and is a major supplier of wireless residential security systems, access control, intercoms, garage door operators, gate operators, short- and long-range radio remote controls, and medical/emergency reporting systems.

A Reputation for Excellence

Linear has a well-earned reputation in the radio frequency (RF) or “wireless” approach to alarm signal transmission, and is acknowledged as having the greatest concentration of RF engineering experience and talent in the security products field.According to Linear, their key contributions to the security industry is as follows –

  • - Introduced the first RF link for use in the security industry.
  • - Introduced the first digital RF link for use in the security industry. (Standard Digital)
  • - Instrumental in the development of the digital communicator via our SESCOA division.
  • - Inventor of the PIR based security lighting product.
  • - One of the first companies to offer a Personal Emergency Response System to the industry for transmission of a “medical” emergency condition.
  • - Developed and introduced the first supervised RF link for use in the security industry. (S1 format)
  • - Developed and introduced the first multi-million code transmission format to the security industry. (MegaCode)

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Linear products are available throughout the world through a network of more than 300 security distributors. Home Security Store carries Linear’s DVS-1200 (listed as DVS00036 - Linear 12 Zone Professional Home Security System) and its accessories.This system is made up of a wireless console, two door and window transmitters, motion detector, and keyfob.It is intended for apartments, condos, townhouses, smaller homes, and any other sites that require 12 zones of protection or less.Linear Security is based in Carlsbad, California and has been in business for nearly 50 years.