DXS-LRC - Linear Wrist-Pendant Long Range Emergency Transmitter

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The Model DXS-LRC is a battery powered, miniature water-resistant, supervised transmitter designed for use in emergency applications with Linear's DX and DXS Format receivers.
Brand: Linear Security
Part Number: DXS-LRC

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Life Line

The DXS-LRC Linear Supervised Long-Range Wrist-Pendant Emergency Transmitter is a personal panic transmitter, compatible with Linear Security's DX and DXS format receivers as well as Linear's existing and future generations of PERS Consoles and alarm panel systems. With one-button operation, this panic pendant is clutch should you ever face an eye-to-eye emergency situation such as an injury in your home or a sudden break-in.

"Convertible" Design

Operation of the DXS-LRC is anything but complex. To send an emergency signal to your alarm control panel (and to your alarm monitoring company), simply hold down the button on the transmitter for two seconds or more. This is a life line with flexibility. It's a "convertible" transmitter, installing into both a wrist band and a necklace (both included) wirelessly and without hassle- more options for your safety. More so, it is water-resistant and its "Platinum" finish provides an updated and contemporary appearance.

Medical Alert System

It works just as other home medical alert systems, except with a longer range. If an emergency occurs while you are in the backyard, normal life lines may not be able to reach your alarm panel and send a message to your alarm monitoring company, but the DXS-LRC will. It runs via one channel and features a battery life of up to 4.7 years! For years of trust and protection, the DXS-LRC Linear Supervised Long-Range Wrist-Pendant Emergency Transmitter is valuable for your home, health and safety.


  • Water-resistant
  • Full RF supervision, field enabled
  • "Platinum" finish provides an updated appearance
  • Can be worn either as wristband or pendant. Easy for subscribers or family members to assemble.
  • Pendant has adjustable lanyard with breakaway release
  • 2-color activation indicator
  • DXS format
  • Battery life: up to 4.7 years
  • Standard 18mm watch band pins
  • Adjustable band: 6.00" - 8.25" length
  • RF frequency: 315 MHz
  • Dimensions: 1.3" W x 1.8" H x 0.375" D
  • Transmitter weight: 0.45 oz (12.6g) in pendant configuration, 0.38 oz (10.8g) in wrist configuration

Additional Info

Additional Info

Part Number DXS-LRC
What's in the box

(1) Linear Supervised Wrist-Pendant Long Range Emergency Transmitter
(1) Wrist Band
(1) Lanyard


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