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Flipo creates and distributes a wide range of products that enhance your lifestyle and surroundings, including safety and security products, flameless candles, toys, pet products, batteries, and even home and patio accents.  Each Flipo products is designed to help make your life easier, more beautiful, or more fun.  Flipo Group is located in LaSalle, Illinois.  Here is a statement from Jerry Phlippeau, Flipo President, Founder, and Inventor –

Anyone can imitate; a select few innovate.  Flipo Group prides itself on the ability to produce imaginative and unique products you'll want to use every day backed by service you can count on.  I personally guarantee it.

Home Security Store carries Flipo Group’s ALARM-STAND - 2 in 1 Magic Door Alarm.  With it, you can know when someone touches your doorknob or deadbolt before they actually get in.  Flipo designed the 2 in 1 Door Alarm and Personal Alarm System to be installed in seconds, without wiring.  It works on any non-metallic door.  If anyone touches your doorknob, the 2 in 1 Door Alarm and Personal Alarm System alerts you immediately with an ear piercing alarm.  Additionally, Flipo created the 2 in 1 Door Alarm and Personal Alarm System to only work with human touch, so no more false alarms!  The 2-in-1 Door Alarm and Personal Alarm System is great protection against unwanted visitors and peace of mind while traveling.  The device also sounds off an alarm when you pull out the chain as well.  This product requires one 9 Volt Alkaline battery (not included).