Kit32-POWER5 DSC Power 1832 Ultimate Security Bundle

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Installing a security system in your home or business is a necessary precaution these days, but gathering various accessories and dealing with a difficult installation can be an incredibly daunting task-not to mention expensive. When it comes to using a reliable and simple to use home security system that isn't going to break the bank, however, you can't get any better than DSC's Power 1832 Security Kit.
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The DSC Ultimate Security Bundle includes:

(1) DSC Power 1832 Security Kit with RF Keypad
(3) EV-DW4975 - Vanishing Wireless Door Window Sensor
(1) LC-100-PI - Digital PIR Detector w/ Pet Immunity
(1) WS4969 - DSC 4-Button Wireless Keyfob w/ Built-In Flashlight
(1) SD-15 15-Watt Interior Surface Mount Siren

The Ultimate Security Bundle

Being the big brother of the DSC 1832 starter kit, this upgraded alarm system has everything you need to monitor a home, apartment, condo or office more effectively.

Everything You Need

With simple step-by-step instruction, getting your system running is a breeze. After you install the control panel and phone line, check out the user-friendly functions and features of the keypad. It's characterized by a modern slim-line landscaped design and provides an audible indicator and large command keys. With the keypad, you can arm your system for STAY or AWAY, disarm, test and alert a monitoring company if there's an emergency. It's simple and effective.

The built-in wireless receiver supports 32 wireless zones and 16 wireless keys without taking up a wireless zone slot. So, even though the keypad is wired, it's capable of working with additional wireless sensors, motion detectors and glass breaking devices you'd like to put around your home.

As with the original 1832 security system, a surface mount siren and PIR (Passive Infrared) pet immune motion detector are included, but here's where this alarm kit goes from ordinary to extraordinary..

Added accessories in this home monitoring system include: 3 vanishing wireless door/window contacts, a key fob, a lawn sign to immediately frighten burglars and 8 Warning Stickers to protect your premises even more.

The vanishing contacts are thin and nearly undetectable. They immediately increase the amount of protection your home security system gives you. A key fob allows you to arm and disarm your home without being inside of it and the Warning signs are extremely effective in deterring burglars.

The Past and The Present

To keep past and present POWERSERIES systems flush, this alarm system is backward compatible with all previous generation modules and keypads, except this one has over 100 new features.

Among the new products comprising the updated POWERSERIES product platform are three new control panels. Each control panel shares a universal hardware/software design that ensures an equal and rich feature set and easy future expandability. With near limitless capabilities, the control panels seamlessly integrate with our award-winning Internet and network alarm communicators (T-Link), industry-leading visual alarm verification module (VVM110), SKYROUTE wireless alarm communicator and other specialty modules, wireless devices and structured cabling solutions. If you're already familiar with POWERSERIES, the new platform will be an easy transition for you. Despite the addition of a number of value-added features, traditional programming remains unchanged, as does the installation process.

The Kit 32 DSC Power 1832 Ultimate Security Bundle is the user friendly answer to anything threatening your safety.

Other features:

  • Modern, slim-line landscape keypad
  • Enlarged keypad buttons
  • 5 programmable function keys
  • Input/Output terminal can be programmed to operate as a zone input, programmable output or as a low temperature sensor
  • Individual FAP keys
  • Multiple door chime per zone
  • Adjustable backlight and keypad buzzer
  • Wire channel
  • Dual wall-mount and front cover tamper
  • Easy-to-install mounting hinge
  • Surface or single-gang box mount
  • New AC status ICON
  • RFK5501 includes all of the same features and supports 32 wireless zones and 16 wireless keys

(3) EV-DW4975 - Vanishing Wireless Door Window Sensor

This is simply the thinnest window sensor on the market today and can be concealed easily within any window or door frame of any size, which means that intruders will not only be easily detected, but they'll never see it coming. The EV-DW4975 uses a replaceable lithium battery and should last 5 years under normal usage.


  • Revolutionary Size (Virtually Disappears)
  • Lithium Battery
  • Perfect for Vinyl Windows
  • Rare Earth Magnet
  • Fully Supervised

(1) LC-100-PI - Digital PIR Detector w/ Pet Immunity

The LC-100-PI (Form A contact) detector features intelligent signal analysis for reliable detection, pet immunity up to 55 lbs (25 kg) and a slim design that complements any decor.


  • Form A alarm contact and tamper switch
  • Digital signal analysis
  • Pet immunity up to 55 lbs (25 kg)
  • Quad Linear Imaging Technology for sharp analysis of body dimensions and differentiation from backgrounds and pets
  • Advanced ASIC-based electronics
  • Compact design for residential installations
  • Adjustable variable pulse count
  • PIR sensitivity adjustment

(1) WS4969 - DSC 4-Button Wireless Keyfob w/ Built-In Flashlight

The 4-button WS4969 is the first wireless key in the industry with a built-in flashlight. Aside from providing assitance in low-light situations, the WS4969 also provides users with a sense of control over their security systems and the added convenience that comes with portable, personal protection. The wireless key can be used to arm/disarm security systems from a distance, be programmed to activate garage door openers, turn on lights, open powered gates, or trigger panic alarms.


  • Compact, attractive design
  • Buil-in, high intensity LED flashlight
  • Durable, scratch-resistant buttons
  • 4 programmable function keys
  • Powered by long-life lithium batteries (included)
  • Full 3-second delay on panic alarm to reduce false alarms
  • Reliable 433 MHz technology
  • Water resistant
  • FCC and IC listed

Additional Info

Additional Info

What's in the box

(1) Power1832 alarm control panel - Cabinet 9.25 x 8.25 x 3
(1) RFK5501ENG LCD keypad
(1) 16V40VA plug-in transformer
(1) BD4-12 12V, 4Ah backup battery
(1) SD 15W-ULF interior surface mount siren
(1) RJ31X telephone jack and cord
(1) LC-100-PI - Digital PIR Detector w/ Pet Immunity
(1) WS4969 - DSC 4-Button Wireless Keyfob w/ Built-In Flashlight
(3) EV-DW4975 - Vanishing Wireless Door Window Sensor


I am absolutely satisfied with this purchase, but the only reason ...Review by Joseph
I am absolutely satisfied with this purchase, but the only reason for not giving a 5 star rating is the panel. I would highly recommend investing in the RFK5500 over the RFK5501 that comes in this package. It is well worth the investment to have a keypad that includes the option to customize the zone names as well as the easy wireless enrollment feature.

All told, I would have rated it much lower had it not been for the EXCELLENT customer support from home security store. It is fairly complex to setup this system, but the technicians were very patient and thorough and had me up and running in a very short time. They also answered follow-up questions very quickly and I applaud the great customer service!!

Thanks to home security store for helping me setup this system! (Posted on 12/29/13)
Great alarm system! Well worth the money. Easy install. Couldn't ...Review by Dustin
Great alarm system! Well worth the money. Easy install. Couldn't figure out the programming part, but called and they walked me right through it with no issue's. I have had the system installed for 1 1/2 yrs now. The monitoring company is also very good and cheap. I'll never go back to a local alarm company again. Looks very good also. Oh yeah, the manual is very good but more on the advanced level. That being said though, it has any info you might need. (Posted on 2/27/12)
Very nice system at a wonderful price. I would recommend Home ...Review by name withheld
Very nice system at a wonderful price. I would recommend Home Security Store to anyone I know. Thank you! (Posted on 1/1/12)
As a licensed Security company, that we sold some 4 years ago, ...Review by name withheld
As a licensed Security company, that we sold some 4 years ago, the only system that we sold was DSC. I was udoubtly the dependable system that we worked with. After, Proper and I say again PROPER installation, we had very little if any problems with our installed systems. As a matter of fact most of our service calls were due to customer initiated problems. It certainly beats the heck out of those $99.00 systems that are offered on TV that mostly includes ONLY two door contacts and ONE motion and possibly ONE SMOKE detector. If you want more detectors you better get ready to dig deep. I will say this to anyone who is going to install or have installed a security system. USE DSC. Also any detection is better than none. However remember this....The two most important things about any fire or security system is suffecient and proper devices. You should, at the very least detect the entire perimeter with window contacts backed up with motion and glass break detectors. Interior motion is certainly a great enhancement however in most cases the motions are deactivated when you are inside your home. But, DSC allows you to program individual motions so you can keep acitvated those that you want. ALSO VERY IMPORTANT: Most educated burglars or other thugs know to cut your phone line prior to attempting a break in. Of course the alarm will sound in the home but monitoring will not receive the alarm and therfore will not hanve any idea you are in trouble. Solution? Install cellular communicatons in your panel. It is a little more expensive but it insures that the monitoring company will receive the alarm.

There are many more little secrets to a properly installed system. However, your system is only as good as the installation and proper detection. IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH SECURITY AND FIRE DETECTION SYSTEMS AND THEIR SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS the I highly suggest that you find someone who is that will give you some pointers. DON'T BE FOOLED BY $99.00 or free systems. You are not secure!! In reference to the comment made by one of the DSC customers above he/she is correct that the individual Zones do not need to be labled. However after your system has been installed for a while you will most likely forget what devices are associated with the different Zones. Labeling each device will allow you to see on the Keypad exactly what device, by name and location, is in alarm or either trouble. This only pertains to individual devices with addresses. Wired zones with multiple security or fire detection devices will only announce the specific zone that it is terminated to. If you do a hardwired system for security or fire it definately is to your advantage to draw a diagram of the routing and to what devices are installed on the zone.

I highly recommend DSC equipment over all others. DSC IS NOT paying me to say this, however they do know me but I doubt they will recognize me by this review. We purchased many systems from them. Their Tech support is absolutey wonderful, programming is very easy and the eqipment is extremely cost competitive. (Posted on 12/17/11)
The system is an awesome system. It's very easy to install. But ...Review by Ron
The system is an awesome system. It's very easy to install. But I do have a couple of issues!! If you get this system you get wire-less contacts for your doors or windows? I don't know why? They are real easy to install, but then you have to program them into the system. If they were the wired it would of been so easy. (Posted on 9/21/11)
I'm giving this a five star because it functions so well, affordable, ...Review by John
I'm giving this a five star because it functions so well, affordable, and upgradable. Very attractive keypad, motion detector, and wireless window contacts. The motion detector is small and adjustable sensitivity and range. If you can use some wired contacts and sensors you can save a lot on equipment. The wireless works great as well. The instructions are for installers that's about as technical as installing a car stereo. The RFK5500 would be a nice upgrade, however the only real advantage would be full display when programming. Not a deal breaker since the tech support is great at Home Security Store. I wouldn't want to program any of these without tech support. The zone labeling isn't necessary as this one shows which zone is open. Tough to beat this system for the price. The 5500 would be a nice addition but I really don't need it. (Posted on 3/22/11)

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Main Control Panel Features  
Features PC1832
On-board Zones 8
Hardwired Zones 32 (3 x PC5108)
Wireless Zones 32
Keypad Zone Support Yes
On-board PGM Outputs PGM 1 = 50 mA, PGM 2 = 300 mA
PGM Expansion 8 x 50 mA (PC5208), 4 x 500 mA (PC5204)
Keypads 8
Partitions 4
User Codes 32+ Master Codes
Event Buffer 500 Events
Battery Required 4 Ah / 7 Ah / 14 AHr
Bell Ouput 12 V / 700 mA (cont)
Power Supply 16.5 VAC/40 VA @ 60 Hz
Current Draw (Panel) 110 mA (Nominal)
Auxiliary + Output 11.1 – 12.6 VDC/550 mA
Bell Output 11.1 – 12.6 VDC/700 mA
Operating Environment 32° to 120° F (0° to 49° C)
Relative Humidity 93%