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Fire Sirens, Sounders & Strobes

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Fire Sirens, Sounders & Strobes

A fire alarm system would not be much good without some sort of sounding alert to go with it. That’s why fire sirens, sounders, and strobes are so important to your commercial property’s fire alarm system. Without those devices the outcome could be fatal. HomeSecurityStore.com offers only the best of strobes and fire sirens for sale from System Sensor’s SpectrAlert Advance product line. This is the industry's newest, most refined series of audible/visible notification appliances that simplify the specification, configuration, and installation of fire systems. These indoor and outdoor, wall and ceiling devices include plug-in design for wiring mounting plates and pre-installation wiring continuity checks. Again, SpectrAlert products are made to simplify your installations, with features such as instant feedback messages to ensure correct installation of individual devices.

Fire sirens and strobes will work as a guide to get out and evacuate the building as soon as possible. When a fire siren is triggered this is a warning sign of danger. Without siren and strobes there would be no point to a fire alarm system. Sirens, sounders, and strobes are connected to and activated by the alarm control panel. Therefore, whenever a smoke detector or heat detector picks up a sign of fire, the signal is sent to the control panel, which in turn triggers the bells, sirens, and strobes. Sirens and horns are crucial to your building’s safety. That’s why you need to make sure your system is always working properly and is in good condition. You should test your alarm system and sirens on a regular basis.

Fire Sirens, Sounders & Strobes

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