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Personal Protection

We talk a lot about home security, but let’s not forget about personal security. Once you set you alarm and venture outside the house, you have a whole new set of dangers to worry about. Muggings and street robberies occur every day, and while you shouldn’t live your life in fear, it’s still important to protect yourself, if only for the added peace of mind. You’ve heard it said that the best offense is a great device, and with that in mind, Home Security Store is proud to present this varied selection of superior personal protection products.

Pepper Spray and Mace

Pepper spray provides an instant and effective means for instantly incapacitating a predator. It works as a powerful inflammatory agent, temporarily blinding the attacker and leaving you with ample time to flee to safety. We carry a variety of high-quality pepper spray products, including selections from the world-renowned Mace brand. We even carry family kits and designer carrying cases, so you can carry the ultimate protection without sacrificing style.

Mace Guns

What’s more effective than Mace? How about Mace with a bit of projectile power behind it? We offer a selection of pepper spray guns that provide improved accuracy and trajectory, far beyond the capability of traditional pepper spray cans. Rather than being a victim, let criminals stare down a barrel of full optical destruction, as you take control of any potentially threatening situation. This is about protecting yourself and the ones you love, so don’t be afraid to reach for the ultimate means of non-fatal pain delivery when the fateful moment should arise.

Medical Alert Solutions

Okay, so personal protection isn’t just about blinding bad guys. It’s also about having the resources to seek help in the event of an emergency. If you or someone you love suffers from a challenging health condition, take a look at our Linear Personal Emergency Reporting System. You can install it right at home, and rest easy knowing that medical assistance is always available at the push of a button. The system is also ideal for elderly persons who live independently.

It’s Not about Fear – It’s About Preparedness

We don’t want you to fear the boogie man lurking around every corner, but we do want you to be prepared for the unexpected. Thinking one step ahead and being ready for any kind of attack is always a wise course of action. For the personal safety that you need right now, Home Security Store has the tools to put you on the offensive. Get yours today.

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