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Environmental Controls

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Environmental Controls

Did you know that a sudden, substantial drop in temperature can cause your pipes to freeze? Or that low humidity can dramatically increase your fire risk? Mother Nature can be pretty merciless, and home security involves much more than just setting up alarms in your home. Monitoring your physical environment is extremely important, and that means watching out for fires, floods and extreme temperatures. Fortunately, modern technology has graced us with tools that make this type of monitoring easier than ever before.

Environmental Controls – Freeze Alarms and Temperature Alarms

Sometimes a thermostat just isn’t enough. Sometimes you need a device that provides explicit warnings whenever temperatures rise or dip into the danger zone. With our wide selection of reliable freeze monitors, you can keep track of temperatures from just about anywhere, and receive alerts whether you’re sitting upstairs at home or working at the office downtown. Some of these intuitive devices are even designed to detect power failures.

Temperature Sensors

In addition to our freeze alarms, we also carry a wide range of temperature sensors and probes that provide constant monitoring to any chosen environment. Certain areas, like greenhouses, computer rooms and laundry rooms, have highly specific temperature requirements, and a simple temperature sensor can help you to ensure that all of those important areas maintain the optimal temperatures at all times. Some of these sensors even have built-in alarm capabilities, so you can receive the same alerts and notifications that you would get from a freeze alarm.

Water and Flood Sensors

Water damage can ruin your whole day in a big hurry. Even a 1/8-inch crack in a frozen pipe can unleash 250 gallons of water a day, potentially amounting to millions of dollars in damages and a host of related problems like mold growth. If flooding occurs, you need to be made aware of it immediately, so that you can take action and minimize the damage. With a water and flood sensor from Home Security Store, you can rest easy knowing that you’re prepared for any flood-related emergency.

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In a perfect world, every day would have a high of 72 degrees, but we don’t live in a perfect world, and extreme temperatures and elements can cause tremendous damage for those unprepared to meet them head on. So be proactive, and explore our unparalleled selection of superior environmental controls, freeze alarms, temperature sensors and flood sensors. Show Mother Nature that you mean business.

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