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Door and window contacts are essential to any home security system, and Home Security System has more than 50 to choose from. Most systems come equipped with at least two contacts, but sometimes you need more to secure your entire space. Whether you’re running a hardwired or wireless system, you can find exactly what you need in our varied inventory.

The 411 on Door and Window Contacts

The technology is very simple. Each contact consists of a sensor, which is attached to the frame of the door or window, and a magnet, which is placed on the door or window itself. The magnet acting on the sensor creates a circuit, and when the sensor is separated from the magnet, a signal is sent to the alarm control panel, signifying an entry breach.

Surface vs Recessed

There are two primary types of door and window contacts: surface and recessed. Surface contacts typically cost less than recessed contacts, but they’re also more visibly apparent. With recessed contacts, the magnet and sensor are installed inside the frame and the door or window. So if you’re concerned about the aesthetic, go with recessed; if you’re looking for a more cost-effective solution, go with surface.

Standard Garage Door Contacts

Aside from surface and recessed garage door contacts, you may also have need for a standard garage door contact. It works similarly to a surface contact, but the sensor is typically installed onto or into the floor, while the magnetic is installed on the garage door.

Hardwired vs Wireless

Remember, the same principles for wired or wireless alarm systems go for contacts as well. While hardwired contacts are less expensive, they are more time consuming to install. On the other hand, wireless alarm contacts are more easily installed and can be added to or moved to a new location with ease. Bear these variables in mind when choosing your contacts, and even while deciding what kind of security system to invest in.

Achieve Contact

Home Security Store carries a wide selection of door and window contacts for hardwired and wireless alarm systems, as well as garage door sensors. Most orders ship same day, and we offer the best prices on the most reliable options. Browse the full inventory, and stock up today.

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