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We all wish that alarm installation could be achieved with a screwdriver and a bit of elbow grease, but sadly, home security installation is not like building a desk from IKEA, and if you want to equip your home with a dependable alarm system (especially a hardwire alarm system), you’re going to need the right set of arrows in your quiver. Alarm installation requires specific wires, cables and networking tools, and at Home Security Store, we have it all. In fact, we offer top-quality, affordable gear for every installation need.

DIY Alarm Maintenance

Maximum security is all about knowing your alarm system better than anyone else. By assembling and maintaining your own system, you not only give yourself the means to troubleshoot any difficulties that arise, but you also save a tremendous amount of money on installation. We have just what you need to strengthen your home security system and, ultimately, your peace of mind.

Quality Alarm Tools Have Never been More Affordable

Do you need alarm wire? Surveillance cable? Networking cable? Fire wire cable? How about audio and video wire? Whether you’re assembling a new system or repairing an existing alarm, you need to come prepared for the job. Check your system for compatibility, and review your manual to determine what you’ll need. Home Security Store also offers a variety of installation resources to assist you in your efforts.

Measuring Wireless Surveillance Cable and Network Cable

In each wire/cable category, you’ll find a variety of sizes and lengths to suit different configurations. To determine your needed length, measure along walls and floors, from the control panel to the corresponding accessory – it may be a motion detector, camera or other peripheral. Your measurement will indicate the minimum length of wire you’ll actually need. At Home Security Store, our wiring is neatly and carefully packaged so that you can easily store, carry, open and roll out the cable as needed. We also carry wire connectors to simplify your building experience, as hardwired systems sometimes require extra wire.

Shop For all Your Wire Tools and More

A painter needs a paint brush and a do-it-yourself alarm or surveillance installer needs quality alarm tools. We offer everything from drill bits to sensor testers for your alarm system, along with all the essential surveillance and networking tools to give you a handle on your DIY project. Also shop for stripping tools, staple guns and channel vision crimping tools. We have it all, and we offer tremendous deals on all of our products.

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