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Home Appliance & Lighting Control

X10 is like the central nervous system of home automation. In fact, it’s what makes home automation possible. Found in as many as 30 million American households, it allows for seamless communication between a wide variety of peripherals while also enhancing your home security. Home Security Store is pleased to offer a varied selection of X10-enabled devices for lighting control, energy management and much more.

Using X10 in Your Home

X10 has been the standard in home automation for more than 35 years, and it’s still the #1 protocol for centralized home communication. No additional wiring is required, as you can simply plug an X10 transmitter into a power source and send commands to other devices throughout the home. Even if you have never heard of X10, you have almost certainly seen it in action. If you have ever programmed lighting to turn on and off at preset times, you have probably used the X10 protocol.

The Benefits of Home Appliance and Lighting Control

Home automation offers myriad benefits, from convenience to control. The biggest benefit, though, is how it enables you to maximize your home security. Whether you’re in the living room or out of town, you can always give the impression that your home is occupied, and that makes for an extremely effective burglary deterrent.

We Carry the Most Trusted Brands

At Home Security Store, we’re familiar with all of the major home automation alternatives, including BACnet, KNX, LonWorks and INSTEON. They all have their merits, but X10 remains the most popular standard in this arena, offering the greatest level of compatibility and accessibility. That’s why we’re pleased to offer an assortment of X10-based home appliance options from leading manufacturers like Honeywell, Skylink and Chamberlain.

Order Yours Today

From starter kits to dimmers, we have all of your home automation controls covered. Lighting, communication, access control, you’ll find it all here. Best of all, these top-notch devices are affordable, easy-to-install and perfect for taking your personal security and home automation to the next level. Our X10 and Lighting Control Department features items handpicked to offer you the best in this innovative technology. Browse the full selection and find exactly what you need. While you’re here, be sure to check out our other high-tech security and home automation products as well.

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