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Security Lights

Light is a burglar’s worst enemy. These criminals do their best work under the cover of darkness, and a strategically arranged set of security lights can halt them before they even slip onto your property. Here you’ll find our complete selection of affordable, high-powered solar security lights, motion detector lights and floodlights. These-top-of-the-line lighting mechanisms are easy to install and ideal for any home, providing an added layer of security along the perimeter.

Security Lights – A Range of Styles

A security light doesn’t have to be a visual eyesore. If you’re looking for something that functions brilliantly without impeding the aesthetic of your home, we offer elegant wall sconces, discreet LED lights and sleek deck lights, just to get you started. Many of these weatherproof cameras can even provide illumination for up to 150 feet. Secure your porch, steps, deck, shed, and even windows, and shine a spotlight on any would-be intruders.

Solar Security Lights – Go Green and Feel Secure

Why drain electricity when you can tap into the ultimate power source? We’re talking about the sun, of course. At Home Security Store, we carry a wide range of solar security lights, which absorb energy during the day and provide radiant illumination at night. You won’t have to worry about batteries or higher electric bills, and you certainly won’t have to deal with any complicated wiring. Just set up your lights and sleep soundly.

Responsive Motion Activation

Perhaps you don’t want your security lights shining from dusk ‘til dawn. You want to ward off intruders, but you don’t want your home to perpetually light up the entire block. We understand, and that’s why we carry a wide range of motion detector lights. These lights activate whenever someone steps in the path of sensor. The surprise alone is enough to send most criminals running for the hills.

Shop for the Best Security Lights

We have more than three dozen security light packages to choose from, all of which utilize the most advanced technologies and provide an incredible boost to your home security. They’re affordable, versatile, and even eco-friendly. So even if you don’t own an alarm system or surveillance cameras, these seemingly simple lights may just save you from a home invasion. Explore the full selection, and get yours today.

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