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Mobile Control and Video

Being able to observe, control, and arm your security system remotely is becoming an increasingly popular option for home and business owners on the go. Moreover, there is incredible freedom in the ability to remotely view and control your surveillance cameras. With new applications for smartphones and new modules for alarm systems, staying connected to your property is easier than ever before. This is ultimate peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

Receive Instant Notifications

With some mobile control platforms, such as Honeywell’s Total Connect, you can not only arm and disarm your system remotely, but you can receive important notifications related to your security system. For example, you can be notified via text when your child arrives home, opens the front door, and disarms the security system. With the right sensors in place, you can even know if a TV is being moved or if the liquor cabinet was opened.

Build the Ultimate Surveillance System

In addition, Home Security Store offers both Honeywell and Visonic products, with which you can build an entire surveillance system for remote monitoring. With the proper Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras in place, you can even view your living area and then pan to your front door – all remotely. Just use your Web-enabled cell phone, tablet, laptop or PC, and keep a constant watch on the things that matter.

Setup is a Breeze

These components are incredibly easy to configure, and most use seamless wireless technologies, so if you can operate a cell phone, you can operate a mobile control platform. Of course, if you require any assistance, each product includes a detailed user manual, and you can also access our Tech Support page at any time. You can also contact our tech support team at 800-954-0422. We’re available Monday through Friday, from 6:00AM to 3:30PM.

Take Control

When it comes to mobile control and video, Home Security Store has all your essentials. We carry all the major brands, like Xamboo, Total Connect and PowerLink, and all of these products are at the cutting edge of 21st century technology. Browse the full selection, and stock up on all the affordable, reliable controls that you need. Most orders ship same business day, and we’re committed to the satisfaction of our customers.

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