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Home security isn’t just about protecting your interior. There are dangers all around us, and while we should never live our lives in fear, we should always live with preparedness and common sense. Home Security Store is pleased to offer a wide assortment of security products for the home and beyond. Whether you’re lying in bed, monitoring your children or hiking in the mountains, it’s important to be ready for any eventuality. We carry top quality security products to keep you one step ahead of the curve at all times.

Secure Your Perimeter

Real home security is about detecting and preventing possible invasions before the intruder even has the chance to enter your house. That’s why we offer a wide selection of driveway alarms, door alarms, security lights, decals, yard signs, and imitation security cameras. Even the simplest deterrence efforts can go a long way in preventing break-ins, and we offer the kinds of equipment that stops criminals in their tracks.

Protect Yourself in Any Environment

In addition to home security essentials, we also carry some of the best personal protection products on the market, including pepper spray and medical alert devices. For those who live for adventure, we carry a variety of comprehensive survival kits, which contain critical gear like whistles, lighters, food bars, tools, water purification tablets and hygiene products. You’ll be ready for just about anything, no matter what the terrain or conditions (okay, you’ll still need to bring your own oxygen if you plan on scaling Everest).

Spy Gear

The best security products enable you to be proactive at all times. If you truly want to secure your home or business, you need the advantage of a few all-seeing eyes. We carry some of the most top-of-the-line spy gear, including cutting-edge hidden camera technologies, advanced audio recorders and miniature GPS trackers. These are the kinds of products that James Bond would have dreamed of having, and now they can be yours.

Child Safety Products

Of all the things worth protecting, none is more precious and important than your children. That’s why we carry the ultimate selection of door alerts, pool alarms, child locators and wireless intercoms, just to get you started. From child-proofing to child monitoring, we have what you need to keep your little ones safe.

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With so many security products to choose from, the real challenge will be to narrow down your options. So browse the full selection, and stock up on the best security essentials, right here at Home Security Store.

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