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Fire Alarm Accessories

Fire alarms are critical for any large or small building, and Home Security Store carries a wide array of fire alarm accessories to supplement any system and improve the safety of everyone inside the protected space. In fact, our products go well above and beyond your typical accessories, as we carry the most top-of-the-line keypads, sirens, strobe light, speakers and more. In the event that a fire does occur, you can take comfort knowing that you’ll never be caught off guard.

Pull Stations and More

If your alarm system is devoid of pull stations, or if you want to place additional pull stations around your building, you can find just what you need right here. We stock a diverse selection of quality pull stations which allow virtually anyone to activate an alarm after spotting smoke or fire. Of course, if you prefer for the building to monitor itself, we also carry smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and more for ultimate safety.

Sirens and Lights

We carry an extensive array of sirens and speakers for high-volume alerts, and we also encourage you to shop for strobe lights for added effectiveness. The lights create a heightened sense of urgency and can even act as a visual alert system for the hearing impaired. We carry products designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and we offer sirens in different colors (red and white) to suit your building’s aesthetic needs.


Maybe you haven’t given much thought to keypads as fire alarm accessories, but they offer some definite advantages that you might want to consider. They enable the supervisor or safety officer to control the system from an office or other convenient location, thereby allowing for faster response and more effective execution. They also provide instant alerts and alarm information, and can support multiple annunciators.

Get the Safety You Need

Alarm systems save lives, and the accessories found in this section can greatly enhance the effectiveness of an existing system. Home Security Store is pleased to offer padded security and easy installation products for the best protection possible. You can narrow your search according to product category, or browse the products individually to review the features and specifications. Browse the full selection of accessories and stock up today.

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