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Access Control

Are you still using an old-fashioned lock on your entrance doors? Criminals are using a variety of methods to silently infiltrate these mechanisms in a matter of seconds. If you want to secure your home or business, it’s time to implement some high-tech access control. Biometric readers and other keyless entry devices are raising the bar for home and commercial security, by providing a heightened level of safety right from the point of entry.

The Future of Security is Now

Technologies like these were once limited to the imaginations of science fiction authors and Hollywood filmmakers, but now we have actual hand readers and fingerprint scanners that make unlawful entry almost impossible. You’ll find them right here at Home Security Store, and we only carry the most sophisticated devices that provide the maximum level of security and reinforcement. You’ll be more than happy to toss those old rusty keys into the garbage.

Keypads and Readers

In addition to our biometric readers, you’ll find a wide array of access control keypads, which enable you to control door locks using digital codes. The keypads in our inventory are highly vandal-resistant, tamper protected, and even weatherproof, ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations. They’re even reliable during a power failure, so you can count on them no matter what the circumstance. Our inventory includes keypads without handles, magnetic locks and pressure sense bars that put you one step ahead of an intruder. We even offer hybrid keypads that include fingerprint scanning technologies.

Secure Your Home or Business Like Never Before

Security is all about staying one step ahead of the bad guys, and here you’ll find some of the most cutting-edge technologies used to stop intruders in their tracks. You know these are the real deal, because they’re all designed and manufactured by world leaders like Visonic Security Systems, ACTAtek and TRI-ED. And at Home Security Store, we maintain the highest quality standards, and we only carry the products that pass the most stringent tests. So leave nothing to chance. Explore the full range of biometric readers, keypads and other keyless entry mechanisms, and experience access control like never before.

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