Personal Safety Apps for Your Mobile Smartphone

Having safety apps downloaded on your Smartphone can create peace of mind for both you and your loved ones.  There are many apps available for emergency preparedness, driving, and first aid.  But did you also know there are some for personal protection, which can act as your own mobile alarm system?  Once such app is the Guardly App made for the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android phones.  This app, and others like it, is definitely worth checking out if you need some sort of personal safety system.  Guardly is ideal for students, real estate agents, social workers, travelers, and those afraid to walk alone at night or concerned about dating or domestic violence.”

The free Guardly Alerts (which is free) service lets you send location based emergency alerts to up to 15 contacts by voice call, sms, and email.  On the other hand the Guardly Premium (which you do have to pay for)  has the following features –

1.  One-tap activation:  Guardly alerts two safety networks simultaneously – (1) a user’s personal safety network by voice, SMS and email, and (2) 9-1-1 or any other emergency phone number.

2.  LocationAssure™:  Guardly uses GPS, cell-tower triangulation and WiFi hotspots to find a user’s real-time location for the entire duration of an emergency incident, even if the user is on the phone with 9-1-1.  By combining this data with places frequented by a user, Guardly helps ensure a user is easy to find by responders in case of emergency.

3.  NetworkAssure™:  Built-in intelligence to detect network failures and wait until a signal is present to transmit data and make calls to 911 to ensure users are connected to their safety network.

4.  Auto-dial emergency services including 911:  Did you know it takes at least 8 taps to dial 911 on an iPhone (that is Home, Swipe, Phone, Keypad, 9, 1, 1, Send).  It only takes 3 taps to launch Guardly (Home, Swipe, Guardly).

5.  Photo sharing:  Users can share photos with their personal safety network instantly and securely.

The Guardly App has been featured in the New York Times, GigaOM, TechCrunch, TheNextWeb, VentureBeat, AllThingsD, Springwise and launched at DEMO Spring 2011.  For more go to

Annie is Home Security Store's spokesperson. She hosts video product reviews and writes articles and blogs that pertain to Home Security.

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