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  • Chamberlain Wireless Portable Intercom Add-On Unit

    This unit works as an additional intercom for your home intercom system, particularly the NDIS - Chamberlain Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Doorbell Intercom, as well as the NLS2 - Wireless Portable Intercom system. What makes this particular intercom unique and powerful is its 1,000 foot signal range, which not only allows you to place the unit in virtually any corner of your home, but it does so wirelessly which means no complex or frustrating setup process is required. Learn More

    Regular Price: $55.95

    Sale $52.50

  • Chamberlain Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Portable Intercom

    The intercom system features a 1,000 foot range that is completely wireless. Therefore, you can place the intercoms in various parts of your property without having to worry about any wires. The the intercom also features a a 900MHz digital communication interface, so you're voice will be beamed with crystal clarity. Additionally, the unit is completely weatherproof, so of you wishing to mount one of the intercoms outside your door in order to communicate with arriving visitors can do so without having to worry about t getting damaged by rain, heat or snow. Learn More

    Regular Price: $79.95

    Sale $75.00

  • Chamberlain Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Doorbell Intercom

    Whether you're home life is so busy with kids running around that it's difficult to furiously run to the door when anyone visits, or if you'd like to feel that extra layer of security by knowing exactly who is at your front door and why, then the Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Doorbell Intercom is the ideal solution for you. With a wireless range of an impressive 1,000 feet, you merely mount the entirely weatherproof doorbell unit outside of your door and when a guest presses the button you will have immediate communication with them via the receiver placed anywhere in or outside of your property. Learn More

    Regular Price: $114.95

    Sale $95.00

  • Comelit Hands Free Color Expansion Monitor for HFX-700M

    This is an accessory monitor to the HFX-700M Door Bell Camera kit. This monitor measures 3.5 inches and is a full LCD display for crisp images. Technically meant to receive the images captured by the Door Bell Camera, you can also establish a monitor-to-monitor connection (4 monitors total) for use as a video-intercom system, as it is equipped with a reliable 2-way communication system that includes a mic and speaker. Learn More

    Regular Price: $182.50

    Sale $162.50

  • Comelit Hands Free Expandable Color Intercom Kit

    This high-tech and easy to use kit comes with a 3.5 inch LCD color Monitor, a Doorbell Camera and power supply, all of which require a user-friendly mere 2-wire installation process. The weather-resistant Doorbell Camera is meant for installation right outside your door and functions just as a regular doorbell would, except there is 3.6mm wide angle camera complete with LED lighting attached within that turns on the minute anyone rings it. The crisp and clear video image of your guest is beamed day or night directly to your Master Monitor inside, allowing you to know precisely who is at your door at any time. But it doesn't end there!-the Bell and Monitor are also equipped with a sophisticated 2-way audio system including an adjustable speaker, mic and door chime, which will let you communicate with your guest and find out exactly what their business is without ever having to open the door for them. Learn More

    Regular Price: $295.95

    Sale $262.50

  • Comelit Hands Free Audio Only Station for HFX-700M

    This Audio-Only Station is meant to be used as an accessory to the HFX-700. The speaker and mic combination provides clear communication between to and from the Master Monitor, the Door Bell Camera or simply another EX-700A Audio-Only Station to provide an easy to use and cost efficient intercom system. Learn More

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    Sale $101.25

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Intercoms provide an increased level of home security to you and your family. As these devices provide instant communication with others throughout the home, they also add a layer of convenience to your household. Home Security Store offers a wide selection of different types of intercoms, including devices which can be used to monitor a baby’s room or even to monitor the sounds of children playing in another area of the home. Depending upon the system you select to install, you may also use an intercom to fill your home with your favorite music or to remotely communicate with a visitor at your front door.

Your options for a new intercom include hardwired and wireless varieties. Should you have need of such, we even offer weatherproof intercom systems which can be used outdoors, as well as systems that can transmit up to 1,000 feet away from a base station. Using modern technology, communication through an intercom is digitally secured in order to offer you the utmost in terms of privacy and protection.

Be assured that all of the intercoms made available through Home Security Store are easy to install and operate. You may choose from an intercom system that features voice communication only or you may opt to have a system that allows for voice communication in addition to video transmission. Shop with ease as whichever system that you decide is best for your household also comes with free tech support and your complete satisfaction is always our top priority.


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