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Door Chimes

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  • Chamberlain Garage Door Monitor

    4 Review(s)
    Monitor the status of your garage door from inside your home. No longer will you have to run downstairs or go outside just to see if you or your children have left the gara Learn More

  • Optex Wireless 2000 Annunciator Kit

    2 Review(s)
    The Optex Wireless Driveway Alart and Door Annunciator Kit is ideal for a driveway alarm to detect approaching vehicles or an entry or walkway chime. Learn More

  • Optex Wireless Hand Held Transmitter

    Features Compatible with RC-10U (Chime Box W/Relay) and RG-10 (single Relay Receiver) Design for easy grip Learn More

  • STI Wireless Chime - Doorbell Button

    1 Review(s)
    The STI-32500 - STI Wireless Chime - Doorbell Button is a convenient way of installing a creative doorway chime without worrying about any wiring or drilling. With the STI-32500 - STI Wireless Chime you simply have to mount the Button to the exterior of the door and plug the receiver into any electrical outlet inside your home. The STI-32500 has an impressive range of 250 feet, and you can distinguish between front and back doors by simply buying additional units and programming a different tune on each. Those who like variety will appreciate the 13 distinct tunes the STI-32500 can play, while the 32 individual privacy codes will protect against all outside intereference. The STI-32500 - STI Wireless Chime - Doorbell Button is FCC certified and is powered by two 3-volt lithium batteries for the transmitter, which is included. Learn More

  • Extra Transmitter

    Extra Transmitter for EWP-202C Infrared Entry System Learn More

  • Dakota Entry Chime Alert

    1 Review(s)
    Whether you're a business owner wanting to know when customers are walking in, or if you'd simply like to monitor the entryway of your home against unwanted visitors, the EA-10 - Dakota Alert Entry Alarm can do it all. The EA-10 is a completely wireless alert unit that is powered by two "C" cell batteries, which means installation is a breeze. Capable of detecting human motion up to 10 feet away, the EA-10 - Dakota Alert Entry Alarm will emit a "ding dong" chime that can be set to a very loud 80db, which means you'll hear the chime from practically anywhere in your home or property. The EA-10 can be mounted easily on any wall, or can be used as a portable sensor depending on where you'd like to put it. Learn More

  • Dakota Alert Universal Transmitter

    The UT-2500 is a simple to use universal transmitter that is compatible with our 2500 Series products. Learn More

  • Dakota Wireless Motion Chime Entry Alert Kit

    The IRWR-3000 - Dakota Alert Kit is an easy way to monitor any area around your home or business. Whether it's an entryway, walkway, patio or garage, the IRWR-3000 will alert you immediately of any guests or unwanted visitors in your desired location. Learn More

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    Sale $84.45

  • Dakota Alert Wireless Floor Mat Alert

    The wireless floor mat can be placed under a throw rug or welcome mat. It will send a signal to a DC-1000 receiver whenever someone steps on the mat. Learn More

  • Voice Alert 6 Wireless System

    15 Review(s)
    The Voice Alert System-6 Wireless Annunciator sets a new standard in cost-effective, customized security and notification for homes and small businesses. Using the latest t Learn More

Items 11 to 20 of 32 total

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Door Chimes

Whether you already have a home alarm system installed at your home or not, door chimes add a very good layer of security and protection. By sounding an audible alert each time someone approaches your home, door chimes reduce the likelihood of you being caught off guard. Home Security Store even offers driveway alarms and annunciators, which can be used to serve the same purpose.

Door chimes are not the best replacements for home alarm systems. They can, however, act as home security devices for students and others who may be on a tight budget and aren’t yet able to afford a full security system. Our door chimes can even be used in tandem with infrared motion detectors.

If you already have a home alarm system, a door chime is a great accessory to add to that system. Even before an alarm is sounded, a door chime will let you know when an intruder is near. The extra seconds of alert that a door chime can offer in such a situation are truly priceless.

Not only do our door chimes act as security devices in their own right, but they can also be used with an existing doorbell system. Whether visitors intentionally push a button to activate the chime or whether they unintentionally activate a sensor upon approaching your house, a door chime can sound throughout your home and can even be placed near a speaker in order to alert you of a visitor’s arrival if you are in the backyard.

Door Chimes

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