GE Interlogix Security NX-4 Fastpack Alarm System Kit

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Fastpacks with some of the most popular options. Convenient and cost-effective to buy all the products needed for most applications. Fastpacks contain NX4
Brand: GE Interlogix
Part Number: NX-4-FP

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NetworX (NX) Faspacks are control panels packaged with popular accessories and options to make it more convenient and cost-effective to purchase for the consumer. A NX Fastpack can be used for almost any application for home and business burglary and fire protection by both homeowners and installers. NetworX is designed by CADDX Controls, Inc., which is owned by GE Interlogix Security.

This particular Fastpack, the NX-4-FP - GE Interlogix Security NX-4 Fastpack Alarm System Kit contains the NX-4 Control Panel, 8 zone LED Keypad, Sentrol PI-6000 motion sensor, 15W speaker, RJ cord & block, transformer, and battery. All NX control panels are designed to incorporate other home control systems and can be networked with Startgate, the RCS CS30, and the Elk Magic Module Home Control Kit.

Some features of the NX-4-FP include –

• Hardwire/wireless hybrid
• 4 fully programmed zones
• Zone doubling options
• Expandable to 8 fully programmable hardwire and/or wireless zones
• 8 user codes
• Maximum of 8 keypads with 1 partition
• Siren supervision
• Fire alarm verification
• 1 duress code
• Modular design with slide in PC boards
• 185-event history log that provides the date, time, event, and user number
• Supports SIA and contact ID communication formats

Benefits of a hybrid alarm system -

Hybrid alarm systems incorporate both hardwired and wireless devices. These types of alarms work well if you live in a home with two or more floors. This means you can use hardwired devices for the first floor and wireless for the second floor and up. Another benefit is using hardwired devices inside, but having the capability to use outside motion detectors to help protect your outside shed, garden, or gate.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Part Number NX-4-FP
What's in the box (1) NX-4 panel
(1) NX-1308E LED keypad
(1) Hardwire Pet-Immune Motion Sensor
(1) Transformer
(1) Backup Battery
(1) Interior Speaker
(1) RJ Block and Cord


System will do much more then most will need and can be hard ...Review by keith
System will do much more then most will need and can be hard to set up. But Home Security Store Tech support was A#1. One 5min. call got everything up and running.

(Posted on 10/1/13)
Had the system for almost 3 years. I called tech support and ...Review by name withheld
Had the system for almost 3 years. I called tech support and with in minutes of the basic wiring done the system was up and running. Thanks!!! (Posted on 6/4/12)
I bought this exact package about 2 years ago and just stopped ...Review by name withheld
I bought this exact package about 2 years ago and just stopped by to report it has worked flawlessly. You do need to take time to study the installation manual, but if installed properly the system performs to perfection. The only complaint I have is that you can't set the entry delay below 30 seconds. No big deal though. (Posted on 11/17/10)
I amateur installed this GE NX-4-FP ('Fastpack') system myself ...Review by name withheld
I amateur installed this GE NX-4-FP ('Fastpack') system
myself without any special training excepting for
general electronics background and general
micro-controller firmware programming background.

Overall the GE-NX-4 unit and sensors, is a very
sturdy, well designed and functional unit, coming
from the previous GE/Cadx/Adecco family line of
professionally installed small business and small
office, totally un-attended remote units, with
remote dial-out capabilites. For the $150 or less
class of 'panel box' for a 'wiring closet', and
remote LCD control, electronics units, the GE
Fast Pack starter's package deal, is a
relative bargain for the novice getting GE
security consultant installation, and also
for the home do-it-yourselfer such as
myself, who does not want monthly
security service charges!

However, for the do-it-yourselfer,
it was not that easy, taking me
several weeks of my personal part-time
'home electronics, hobbyist effort',
a lot of trail and error and Web
search consulting for 'do-it-yourselfer
application notes', and is personally not
recommended for amateur electronics buyers,
given a few big 'catches', such as irrevocably
wiping out your unit by easily mis-programming
the 'master code' (ending up with a totally
useless unit, possibly sold on E-Bay (R )!).

The GE guys were clearly from my phone
calls to GE factory service, expecting
customers to buy this exact system from a
3rd party, authorized GE security consultant,
who has expert GE factory training,
and he will obviously charge big bucks
to do your home installation and monthly
service fees from then onwards. GE
central offered no 'factory help' to
home hobbyists over the phone or
e-mail, referring me to 'local 3rd party,
GE authorized and trained, security

Home do it your-selfers, face:

no basic wiring diagrams and default OPEN/CLOSE
window or door logic (NC logic), resistor placement
(see previous customer comments),

no Local Building Code (LBC) data for home wiring
(running power lines and speaker lines through
walls and attic space),

no factory service bulletins,

no optional (wireless door and room Infrared (IR) sensors)
(GE Model NX-548E) add-on wiring diagrams and service

installation notes and trouble-shooting notes
for any complex add-on sensors
(fire and smoke sensors, and home dial-out

no basic FastPack mode, firmware programming samples
(such as how to avoid very easily, mis-programming
your master code to a new faulty value, from which
you may never re-gain control of your unit, without
a remote dail-in status option!).

GE can promote sales to home do-it-yourselfers,
by answering some of these issues, available
from central GE factory service to home
do-it-yourselfers, instead of relying upon
3rd party, local GE security consultants.

I am still having problems connecting up
the additional GE-NX-548E (wireless door and
window sensor), and if anybody has wiring
diagrams and application notes, I would
greatly appreciate you posting them here.


Bill in CA
(Posted on 8/1/10)
I just Installed This System About Two Weeks Ago And It Works ...Review by Keith
I just Installed This System About Two Weeks Ago And It Works Like A Beauty. A Few Things I Had Problems With At First But With A little Help From A Friend We Got That Taken Care Of. One Of The Problems Was This System Uses supervisor zones So I Had To Rewire The resistor Wires From series In Oder To Get My Door Sensors To Work Because The Ones That I Bought Were NO Magnets Which Was My Mistake. I Needed To Buy NC Magnets Instead. But I Was Able To Rewire The resistors to get it to work. And The Same Thin With The Motion Sensors That Was Backwards As Well. The Motion That Came With The System Is An NC Sensor It Needed To Be An NO. But All The Zones Are Working Just Fine Now. I Even Added a Second Indoor Siren. But Overall This Is A Great System To Buy.

(Posted on 10/24/09)
Just installed it. Overall installation was easy, but the documentation ...Review by John
Just installed it. Overall installation was easy, but the documentation missed a few things which to a novice, it could be a problem. So here is what I had to figure out:

1. The motion sensor will not work properly unless you wire a 3.3k resistor in series to the NC wire, because this system uses supervisor zones. The resistor comes with the kit and should be installed inside the motion sensor instead of the panel.

2. Since it only came with one sensor, I had three unused zones. You can't just leave the zones open, you have to install a resistor cross the "zone" and "common" to get it to work. Otherwise, your keypad is going to show a fault for these unused zones.

3. They didn't specify how big of a wire to use for the 2 AC wires coming from the transformer. The system uses 16.5VAC 40VA as primary and 12VDC as secondary. I'm not too familiar with 16.5VAC and didn't know what gauge of wire to get, so I got a spool of 16 gauge wires thinking I should be on the safe side. It didn't work!!! I think the current is too low for the 16 gauge wire, so I used the spool of 22 gauge I bought for the rest of the system and it worked. I think I'm going to change it to a 18 or 20 gauge later on, because 22 is just too small.

That's about it. Programing was fairly easy even for a first timer. It would be even easier if you upgrade to a keypad with a LCD display. Because the keypad that comes with the kit uses 8 lights to indicate numerical value in binary. If you don't understand what I'm talking about, it might take you some time to get used to. I have computer background so I didn't have a problem with it, but I could imagine other people might. (Posted on 10/14/09)

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