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  • Ademco 30 Watt Siren

    Self Contained Siren 6 to 12 volt DC combination speaker and siren driver Dual channel (warble or steady) Enclosed wires, easily tampered 30 watt power rating. Learn More

  • Ademco Flush Mount Siren

    The WAVE-2F unique hinged case design allows for installation without dis-assembly. It fits a standard double gange electrical box and easy terminal block wire connections. Learn More

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    Sale $16.45

  • Ademco Indoor Siren

    Self Contained Indoor Siren 2 tones--steady and warble...driver is built-in Durable ABS plastic 15 watt power rating Easy mounting with hardware included High quality mylar co Learn More

  • Ademco Two Tone Siren

    The WAVE-2 unique hinged case design allows for installation without dis-assembly. This attractive new designs allows for corner or ceiling mount capability with no additi Learn More

  • Ademco Two Tone Siren

    The WAVE-2ex unique hinged case design allows for installation without dis-assembly. Corner or ceiling mount capability with no additional hardware. Easy terminal block wir Learn More

  • Honeywell Wireless Siren

    Honeywell 5800WAVE is a 100% wireless siren that simplifies installation and saves time. It provides flexibility to choose the most ideal location for a siren, since it install Learn More

  • WAVE2PD - Honeywell WAVE2 Piezo Dynamic Two Tone Siren

    Honeywell’s Piezo Dynamic (PD) WAVE2PD Siren produces traditional “speaker” sound while drawing 1/3 the current of typical sirens. 120mA Learn More

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Alarm Sirens, Speakers, and Strobe

Sirens and speakers and strobes, oh my! If you’re looking to enhance your home security, you’re going to want to bring the lights and sounds to the party. HomeSecurityStore.com carries a wide selection of strobes, speakers and sirens, available as add-ons for your home and fire alarm security systems. Use them to scare away burglars, assist police in locating your home or business, and guide people toward the exits in the event of a fire.

The Most Effective Burglary Deterrence and Prevention

Strobe lights and alarm sirens go hand in hand. When the alarm is activated, the sirens blare while the lights flash. This combination of visual and auditory stimuli can be very effective for getting people’s attention in an emergency situation, and burglars are well aware of this. The mere presence of sirens and strobes is enough to send many criminals running for the hills.

Find the Siren You Need

HomeSecurityStore.com offers a wide selection of sirens in different sizes, volumes, and tones. The strobe selection is just as vast, with strobe lights available in a wealth of different sizes and colors, including red, orange, clear, and blue. There is even a strobe/siren combo. Additionally, when it comes to speakers, there are several options choose from, some of which are compact enough to be placed in a vent, small attic, or other discreet location. So if you’re concerned about speakers interfering with the aesthetic of your home or business, you may want to check out our selection of compact options.

Visibility on the Outside

If you are considering installing a home alarm system with a strobe light outside your home, police recommend choosing a light that can easily be seen from the street. It’s also advisable that you mount the light at the highest point on the side of your house that is closest to the street. You might even want to add a protective metal housing for the siren to shield it from the elements.

Order Yours Today

Browse our complete selection of sirens, speakers and strobes, and find exactly what you need to improve your safety and security today. We ship most orders same business day, and we’re committed to your satisfaction. Order now.

Sirens Speakers & Strobes

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