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  • Honeywell Wireless Transceiver

    The 5883H combines a 5881ENH Receiver and a 5800TM Transmission Module, making wireless bi-directional installations faster and easier than ever before. Since there is only on Learn More

  • Honeywell RF Wireless Repeater Module

    Honeywell 5800RP is a wireless repeater that extends the range of 5800 series RF devices. For installations that require increased RF range, the 5800RP eliminates the need to run Learn More

  • Honeywell 8 Zone Wireless Receiver

    Ademco 8 zone Wireless Receiver. Supports all 5800 seares wireless devices. Learn More

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  • DSC Wireless Repeater Module

    The WS4920HE - DSC Wireless Repeater Module is a wireless repeater designed to extend the range of DSC one-way wireless transmitters and to improve signal quality between the transmitter and receiver. Use the WS4920HE to remedy transmission problems caused by excessive noise or other interference, or by long distances between devices and receivers. The maximum recommended number of WS4920HE's per alarm system is 4. Learn More

  • Ademco Wireless Receiver

    The receiver can support how ever many zones the panel can support. Supports all 5800 seares wireless devices. Learn More

  • Ademco 16 Zone Wireless Receiver

    Ademco 16 zone Wireless Receiver. Supports all 5800 series wireless devices. Learn More

  • Visonic MCR-304 Single-Output Wireless PowerCode Receiver

    The MCR-304 superheterodyne receiver is designed for easy and cost-effective upgrading, enabling hard-wired control panels to operate with wireless remote devices. Compatible Learn More

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Alarm RF Wireless Receivers

An RF receiver may be the most important peripheral you never knew you needed. For those unaware, these simple electronic devices separate radio signals from one another and convert specific signals into audio, video, or data formats. The receiver uses an antenna to receive transmitted radio signals and a tuner to separate specific signals from all others received by the antenna. These kinds of receivers are used in a variety of applications and industries in everyday life, including home security.

Optimize Your Control Panel

When it comes to home security, alarm RF receivers are designed for use with control panels that support an RF receiver connection via the remote keypad connection points. If the specs size up, the RF receiver (depending on the model) can add wireless capability and range to any control panel. This is an ideal solution for placing detectors and remote control units without having to tediously wire detectors to a control panel.

Improve Your Coverage

Furthermore, within a basic alarm system, integrating an alarm RF receiver should eliminate the possibility of "dead spots" and “nulls” within the coverage area. Remember, an alarm RF receiver is capable of supporting the maximum amount of transmitters that your existing control panel can handle. But also note that the presence of multiple receivers does not increase the number of transmitters that your system can support. Consult your documentation to determine the full capability of your RF receiver, or review the product descriptions on this site for a more detailed breakdown of each device.

A Plethora of Uses

By using a transmitter with an RF receiver (again, depending on model and specs), you not only have the ability to arm and disarm your alarm system, but you’re even capable of unlocking or securing doors, controlling house lights and opening and closing your garage door remotely. The RF receiver is an importance piece of the home automation puzzle.

Order Your RF Receiver

If you’re not sure which receiver is right for you, feel free to contact our Tech Support team during regular business hours. HomeSecurityStore.com carries the ultimate selection of RF receivers by top manufacturers like Secure Wireless, Visonic Security Systems and Honeywell. Explore the full range, take advantage of our superior sale prices, and find what you need today.

RF Receivers

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