Photoelectric Detectors

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Photoelectric Detectors

The future of security is here, and HomeSecurityStore.com has it all. Case in point: our cutting-edge photoelectric detectors. Photoelectric detectors use infrared light to detect an object or person passing through a beam. If you have ever walked into a store and a heard a bell ring, then you’ve experienced photoelectric detectors in action. But they aren’t just for shops and other commercial environments. Homes can benefit tremendously from photoelectric detectors.

Unparalleled Technology

On one side of the entryway is a device with either a white light and a lens or a low-power laser. Meanwhile, on the other side is a device that senses the light. When someone crosses the beam of light, the beam is broken, and the alarm or bell sounds. The technology is simple in its operation, but powerful in its function. You’ll never be caught by surprise, and you’ll enjoy renewed peace of mind.

Superior Performance

When it comes to home security, photoelectric detectors can be designed for indoor use, outdoor use, or both. When purchasing a photoelectric beam detector, make sure the mounting equipment is included. You will also want to know if the photoelectric beam sensor includes surge protection, and if the parts are impact resistant. Finally, you should determine the distance detection, and choose a product appropriate to your needs. At HomeSecurityStore.com, we carry only the highest-quality photoelectric detectors from leading manufacturers like Optex and Aleph. Click on any photoelectric detector description to learn more about the specifications.

Ease of Installation

The installation is very straightforward, and we have an extensive library of documents, guides and videos. While installing your photoelectric beam detector, do not focus the beam on an area where a pet regularly roams, as this would likely trigger false alarms. Rather, you should aim and install the photoelectric beam detector where you think an intruder might pass by.

Smoke Detection

A photoelectric beam detector can also act as a smoke detector, but is not recommended for use as your primary smoke detection source. If it ever gets smoky enough to block the light beam, the alarm/bell will sound, but the detection isn’t sensitive enough to work in every case. There are other photoelectric detectors designed specifically to work for smoke detection.

Order Yours Today

HomeSecurityStore.com offers the best photoelectric detectors at the most affordable prices. Order your photoelectric beam sensor today, and take your home security to the next level.

Photoelectric Detectors

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