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Dual Technology

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  • WatchOUT Dual Tech Reliable Outdoor Detection

    WatchOUT Dual Technology Motion Detector exercises Selective Event Recognition to distinguish between false alarms and real intrusion events. The Selective Event Recognition i Learn More

  • Visonic Next Duo K9-85 85lb Pet Immune Dual Technology Digital Detector

    3 Review(s)
    The NEXT DUO K9-85 is a digital, microprocessor-controlled PIR detector, designed for easy installation, free of vertical adjustment. It features a cylindrical lens with unifo Learn More

  • Visonic Dual Technology Motion Detector w/ Anti-Masking

    Duet AM is a smart high-security dual-technology detector that combines digital PIR and microwave technologies with anti-masking to optimize intrusion detection for industrial environments. Learn More

  • Visonic Ceiling Mount Dual Tech Motion Sensor

    1 Review(s)
    The Duo-240 is the smallest 360 Degree ceiling-mount dual-technology digital detector available today. It is designed to prevent false alarms in harsh environment conditions t Learn More

  • Visonic 40x40 Dual Tech Motion Sensor

    Features: Smallest and most elegant detector Ideal for residential and commercial applications 40'x40' Unparalleled false alarm immunity True motion recognition True temperature compensation True motion verification Learn More

  • Rokonet Lunar Industrial High Ceiling Mount Motion Sensor

    The Rokonet Lunar Industrial High Ceiling Mount Motion Sensor is a dual technology detector with a mounting height of up to 28 ft(8.6m) that incorporates RISCO Group's Anti-Cloak(TM) Technology (ACT(TM)). The detector has an Intelligent Digital Signal Processing method that automatically adjusts the alarm threshold and pulse count verification according to actual intruder crossing speed and environmental factors, providing superior detection and false alarm immunity. Learn More

    Regular Price: $126.95

    Sale $118.93

  • ROKONET Lunar 360 Dual Technology Motion Detector

    The LuNAR Series offers the ideal solution for areas in which wall and corner mounting is unsuitable. LuNAR detectors are particularly useful in rooms where wall placement Learn More

  • Rokonet iWise Dual-Tech Motion Sensor

    The Rokonet iWise Dual-Tech Motion Sensor is an easy to install unit that can be mounted anywhere in your home and provides coverage of up to an impressive 33 ft. Learn More

  • Rokonet iWise Dual-Tech 82' Motion Sensor

    The Rokonet iWise Dual-Tech 82' Motion Sensor is an easy to install unit that can be mounted anywhere in your home and provides coverage of up to an impressive 82 ft. Learn More

  • Optex Infrared/Microwave Detector

    2 Review(s)
    DX-40 is the result of Optex's advanced research with PIR and microwave technology. Unique advancements include Patent Pending ''MICROWAVE AREA SHAPING TECHNOLOGY'' and PIR te Learn More

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Infrared Motion Detectors

Infrared motion detectors are critical to any home security system, but most security kits only come equipped with one. If you want to maximize your system, it pays to invest in at least two or three additional motion detectors for inside and outside the house. Home Security Store is proud to offer a wide selection of high-quality motion infrared motion detectors for every major system.

The Science of Infrared

An IR motion detector uses a sensor to detect the infrared radiation produced by body heat. This kind of heat can be detected, but not seen by the human eye. The technology is extremely accurate, and makes it virtually impossible for criminals to slip into a secure environment undetected.

Preventing False Alarms

Heat alone isn’t sufficient to trigger an alarm. The most advanced IR motion detectors only trigger an alarm when the detected heat has the correct temperature, motion, and timing associated with an intruder, thus safeguarding against false alarms. This means the detector will reject false alarms caused by spot temperature changes such as small to medium sized animals, air conditioners, or moving curtains. At Home Security Store, our IR motion detectors are not only extremely advanced, but also easy to install.

Situating Your Motion Detector

The placement of your infrared motion detectors is just as important as the selection you make. Of course, your detectors should be placed in vulnerable areas both downstairs and upstairs (assuming you have a two-story house). However, there are other areas of the home that you may not have considered, including the corner of the house leading to the stairway, and in front of the stairway itself. This will enable you to protect the area leading to the second floor and into specific bedrooms.

A Variety of Options

When a presence is detected, most IR motion detectors send a signal to the control panel to trigger the alarm. But some detectors are equipped with their own alarms, and many will sound an alarm whenever someone tries to tamper with the mechanism.

Order Today

Home Security Store offers the best prices on the most sophisticated infrared motion detectors, and we also offer same-day shipping. So order yours today, and take advantage of the superior deals only found at Home Security Store.

Dual Technology

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