Optex 100 pound animal immunity Microwave/Infrared

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Optex provides unprecedented reliability in detection by integrating state of the art microwave and PIR technologies. The MX-40PI combination detector incorporates a patented
Brand: Optex
Part Number: MX-40PI

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Optex Now Provides Unprecedented Reliability in Detection Performance by Integrating New Microwave Technology and Our Stateof-the-Art PIR Technology
High-Grade Sensing Performance from a Combination of Microwave and PIR Technology.
Easy Installation and Compact, Attractive Design - The MX-40PI Satisfies All of Of Your Detection Needs

OPTEX Design and Modern Technology
Quick and Easy Installation wwith Unique Compact Housing

Easy installation and wiring are engineered into this compact housing.
Easy Microwave Area Adjustment: Long or Short Distance Selector Switch

Improved Performance with Reliability from Microwave and Passive Infrared Integration
Optex Design and Innovation Provide High reliiability using Combination Technology

1. High Reliability

Ideal Detection Area
The MX-40PI creates an integrated detection area. This enables the microwave detection area to synchronise to the PIR detection area, achieving higher detection performance and preventing errors and false alarms.

Spherical Lens Design
With uniform distance between each lens segment and the pyroelectric elements, the spherical lens provides a precise focal length to each of the multiple lens segments. This enables each lens segment to precisely face its detection area and creates detection zones without distortion, achieving a new level in lens design precision. The lens has a unique spherical design which makes it highly resistant to damage and outside disturbances.

Noise Reduction Function
The Noise Reduction Circuit provides reliable performance against outside noise such as electromagnetic interference and noise caused from fluorescent lights. As a result, the possibility of false alarms is greatly reduced.

2. Easy Installation

Easy Microwave Range Selector
The MX-40PI allows for a simple two step adjustment. Setting the range selector to short or long range detection, according to the room size, makes adjustment during installation much easier and less time consuming.

Easy Wiring Knockouts
The PC board is removable for simple wiring. With the simple use of a screwdriver, a firm tap will easily remove the knockout.

3. Compact, Stylish Design

The compact and stylish body matches any interior design without disturbing the decor.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Part Number MX-40PI
What's in the box (1) Optex 100 pound animal immunity Microwave/Infrared


I have 3 of these installed in my house with 6 cats. Never had ...Review by Jeffrey
I have 3 of these installed in my house with 6 cats. Never had a false alarm in 5 years. All three are mounted the recommended height (as close to 8' as possible), two are mounted in corners and one is mounted in the center of a wall. Picks up human movement easily. But our pets have never triggered them, even when they are running and jumping all over. Follow the install instructions for "Pet Immunity" and you should have no problems. Easy install and hook-up. (Posted on 2/11/12)
Works very wellReview by Dustin
Works very well (Posted on 11/28/11)
i purchased this motion to replace a GE sensor that claimed to ...Review by Mike
i purchased this motion to replace a GE sensor that claimed to be pet friendly.
the optex motion is by far one of the most accurate sensors i have seen and i have seen many.
the detection pattern is very consistent with the pattern shown on the specs.
my german shepherd is about 70 lbs and i tried to make the optex detect her, i tried everything and not a single time so far she has been detected. i made her jump, run and even go up and down the stairs located 5 feet away from the motion and nothing!!! actually not even when both of my dogs (a small chihuahua) are playing around the motion detects them.
the sensor is mounted at about 7 1/2 feet high and i have a vent at about 11 feet high perpendicular to the wall where the sensor is mounted on and about 5 to 6 feet away from it, so far the optex has not caused a false alarm when the heater turns on and hot air comes out of the vent. As always your mileage may vary based on your particular application but i can testify this product pet discrimination capabilities are impressive in my particular case, if your dog is larger then your results may be different. (Posted on 1/4/11)

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Model MX-40PI
Detection method Passive Infared and microwave
Coverage 40ft x 40ft (12m x 12m) 85 wide
Detection Zones 78 zones (PIR)
Mounting height 5 - 8ft. (1.5 - 2.4m)
Sensitivity 3.6 F (2 C) at 2ft./sec. (0.6m/sec)
Detectable Speed 1 - 5ft./sec. (0.3 - 1.5m/sec.)
LED Alarm Indicator Switchable ON/OFF
Alarm Period Approx. 2.5 sec.
Alarm output N.C., 28V DC=0.2A max.
Pulse Count Approx. 1 min.
Power Input 9.5 - 16V DC=
Current Draw 18mA (max.) at 12V DC=
Weight 3.9oz. (110g)
Operating Temperature 14F - 131F (-10C - +55C)
Environmental Humidity 95% max.
Microwave Frequency 2.45GHz (FCC, IC, ETS300-440 approval)
RF Interference No Alarm 20V/m