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  • IEI-212W Indoor / Outdoor Flush-mount Weather Resistant Keypad

    Indoor / Outdoor Flush-mount Weather Resistant Keypad Learn More


    The RJ31X is for use with Alarm System Communicators, Line Fault devices, or other equipment as a means of connecting to the incoming telephone line. Includes RJ31X 8 pin modu Learn More

  • NX-586E - Quick Link Connect

    The NX-586E can store up to four (4) NetworX alarm panel configurations -- panel only, no modules -- within its own nonvolatile memory. These files can be created using the DL Learn More

  • PT4 - DSC Alexor Proximity Tag

    The PT4 proximity tag allows a homeowner to arm and disarm their system without using a code. Learn More

  • QS5310-P01 - Qolsys IQ Tilt Garage Door Tilt Sensor

    The Qolsys IQ Tilt Sensor is ideal for use on anything that tilts including hatches, roll-up doors and moveable assets.

    Learn More

  • Rare Earth White Tile Magnet

    These rare earth magnets are 1/4" high and install fast and easily without worry over damage to the window itself. Learn More


    The feature-rich T-1000 IntelliTemp Temperature Sensor is the ideal choice for accurate ambient temperature measurement in any environment. Allows the user to set high and low temperature standards.

    Learn More

  • USP AC/DC Adapter for Use with the PP-1

    AC/DC Adapter for Use with the PP-1 Learn More

  • Visonic MCT-550 Supervised Wireless Flood Detector

    The MCT-550 is a fully supervised wireless flood detector compatible with PowerMax and other Visonic PowerCode wireless systems. It is designed to detect the presence of water Learn More

  • Visonic MCT-560 Supervised Wireless Temperature Sensor

    The MCT-560 Wireless Temperature Detector monitors ambient temperatures in the home and sends alerts to the control panel when extreme hot or cold is detected. Severe heat and cold can be dangerous to people with health problems, particularly the elderly or very young children. Additionally, extreme cold can cause the water in pipes to freeze, resulting in burst pipes and damage to the building or household contents. Early warning of potentially dangerous temperatures enables homeowners to take action before they cause illness, or worse, and before freezing temperatures can damage building infrastructure and family possessions. As a fully supervised wireless detector, the MCT-560 transmits all alerts to the PowerMax(R), which instantly forwards the alert to a central station or private phone number. The MCT-560 provides up to four selectable alert points, enabling supervision of up to four different conditions in the area that the detector is located. Providing long-lasting reliability in an attractive, easily installed wireless detector, the MCT-560 is the ideal solution for protecting families and homes from dangerous temperatures. MCT-560 Features Detects extreme cold, freezer fault and extreme heat Fully wireless and supervised detector transmits alarm and functionality alerts to the PowerMax(R) control panel, which notifies the user and/or the central station Provides visual and audial indications Provides up to four selectable temperature alert points Additional probe allows monitoring of refrigerator, freezer and outdoor temperatures Compatible with PowerMaxPro version 5.0 and up Wall or ceiling mount Font and back tamper Long battery life up to 10 years Available in a variety of frequency bands and complies with international standards Learn More

Items 41 to 50 of 56 total

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Miscellaneous Security Products

HomeSecurityStore.com specializes in the most cutting-edge security systems on the market, but let’s not forget about the wide range of important accessories also available on our site. Your basic home alarm system consists of a control panel, keypad, siren, motion detectors, and door and window contacts. Meanwhile, your basic surveillance system is made up of cameras, a DVR, and a monitor. It takes a lot of essential devices and parts to make up a home security alarm system, and the addition of surveillance only adds to this already complex equation.

Accessories and More

In this section, you’ll find an excellent mix of security and surveillance products from top manufacturers like Honeywell, Skylink and Optex. You’ll find important items like jacks and cords, camlocks, various window and door contacts, grommet donuts, temperature and flood sensors, and extra proximity tags for the PowerMax Pro.

Essential Backup for Your Security

In a home security system, one component can definitely affect another. That’s why backup parts are so important to have on hand. Just take some time to look through the miscellaneous security products section. You might find something that your system is missing, or even something extra that you didn’t know existed. Every product on this page is designed to improve your safety and security, and every one is guaranteed to deliver.

Powerlink Reinforcement

One such product, which you may not be aware of, is the Visonic CAM3100 Wireless Network Camera. This makes a great addition to the Visonic PowerMax Plus Wireless Security System, particularly if you’re looking to add a bit of extra surveillance to your security system at a low cost. This camera enables you to view your home or office via the Internet, whether you’re downtown on business or thousands of miles away on vacation.

Home Security for the 21st Century

The Visonic CAM3100 is just one example, of course, but we offer a massive array of accessories for all of your alarms, surveillance kits and accessories. Explore the full array of options, and purchase a brand new glassbreak tester, thermostat or flood sensor. We offer the best prices on everything you need, and we ship most orders same business day. So take your home security to the next level, and enjoy renewed peace of mind with HomeSecurityStore.com.


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