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  • Honeywell Desk Mount for 5828

    The 5828DM Desk Mount Kit allows the end user to place the 5828 or 5828V wireless keypad in a convenient location such as on a bedside table. the keypad can be powered by battery or by AC Adapter. Learn More

    Regular Price: $25.00

    Sale $24.54

  • Honeywell External Probe for Flood Sensing

    Water or any conductive nonflammable liquid can be detected by the 2 pins on the connected 470PB probe. Learn More

  • Honeywell External Probe for Freezer & Refrigeration Monitoring

    External Probe for 5821 Wireless Temperature Sensor and Flood Detector. Great for freezer & refrigeration monitoring. Learn More

    Regular Price: $19.95

    Sale $14.50

  • Honeywell Output Trigger Cable for Vista Series Panels

    Honeywell Output Trigger Cable for Vista Series Panels Learn More

  • Honeywell Two-Way Voice Audio Cable for GSMVLP

    GSMVLP-AUDIO is a two-way voice audio cable used for GSMVLP. Learn More

    Regular Price: $11.95

    Sale $7.85

  • Honeywell Wireless Bundle Pack

    Take advantage of our NEW Wireless Bundle Pack for ADEMCO Honeywell Security Panels that includes the following components: 6150RF Deluxe Fixed Keypad/Receiver Add wireless technology to any new installation with the ADEMCO 6150RF Keypad; a unique, breakthrough product that offers the unbeatable combination of aesthetics, convenience, features, and competitive value in a single, quick-install package.With 16 Wireless Zone capability, the integrated design solves even the trickiest installation challenges and reduces costs by letting you add full wireless capability to any compatible VISTA control without additional wiring or sacrificing zones. 5890PI Pet Immune Wireless Infrared Wireless PIR motion detector with pet immunity - 35' x 45' (10.6m x 13.7m) coverage pattern, Immune to pets up to 40 lbs. Split-Zone Optics technology, for use with Q.E.D. control panels only, Up to 5 year battery life. The convenience of wireless systems extends to include pet immunity with the 5890PI. Using Split Zone Optics technology, the 5890PI ignores pets and other animals up to 40lbs., while continuing to detect even crawling intruders. Split-Zone Optics: splits each into two stacked sub-zones. Each sub-zone is the same size as the original, but only has about half the sensitivity. To generate an alarm, target must intercept both sub-zones simultaneously. A human target is sufficiently large enough while pets up to 40 lbs. remain undetected. 5804 Wireless KeyFob Four Button Wireless Key - Similar in size to a remote car alarm key, the 5804 wireless key offers many of the features of a traditional keypad with convenient fingertip control. Four completely programmable buttons, User replaceable, long-life lithium batteries Recessed keys, Remote operation of lights and appliances One-button operation (no codes to remember) Learn More

  • Honeywell Wireless Indoor Asset Protection Device

    1 Review(s)
    When affixed to the protected asset, the device will trigger a "detect" if an attempt is made to move or disturb the asset. Learn More

  • Honeywell Wireless Temperature Sensor & Flood Detector

    1 Review(s)
    Honeywell's 5821 is a versatile wireless device that can be configured to operate as either a standalone temperature sensor and/or a remote temperature sensor or flood detector. Learn More

    Regular Price: $54.95

    Sale $51.95

  • Honeywell Z-Wave Thermostat

    Honeywell, the number one choice of homeowners and the world's leading brand for temperature control, continues their tradition of excellence and quality with the ZWSTAT Z-Wave(R) Thermostat. Learn More

  • Honeywell Z-Wave Thermostat Kit

    ZWSTAT communicates with the 5800ZBRIDGE Z-Wave Energy Management Module to enable automatic control with Honeywell's leading security systems, making it an ideal addition to any Z-Wave connected home or building. Precise temperature control enables ZWSTAT to provide better comfort, fewer temperature swings and conserve more energy. Learn More

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Miscellaneous Security Products

Home Security Store specializes in the most cutting-edge security systems on the market, but let’s not forget about the wide range of important accessories also available on our site. Your basic home alarm system consists of a control panel, keypad, siren, motion detectors, and door and window contacts. Meanwhile, your basic surveillance system is made up of cameras, a DVR, and a monitor. It takes a lot of essential devices and parts to make up a home security alarm system, and the addition of surveillance only adds to this already complex equation.

Accessories and More

In this section, you’ll find an excellent mix of security and surveillance products from top manufacturers like Honeywell, Skylink and Optex. You’ll find important items like jacks and cords, camlocks, various window and door contacts, grommet donuts, temperature and flood sensors, and extra proximity tags for the PowerMax Pro.

Essential Backup for Your Security

In a home security system, one component can definitely affect another. That’s why backup parts are so important to have on hand. Just take some time to look through the miscellaneous security products section. You might find something that your system is missing, or even something extra that you didn’t know existed. Every product on this page is designed to improve your safety and security, and every one is guaranteed to deliver.

Powerlink Reinforcement

One such product, which you may not be aware of, is the Visonic CAM3100 Wireless Network Camera. This makes a great addition to the Visonic PowerMax Plus Wireless Security System, particularly if you’re looking to add a bit of extra surveillance to your security system at a low cost. This camera enables you to view your home or office via the Internet, whether you’re downtown on business or thousands of miles away on vacation.

Home Security for the 21st Century

The Visonic CAM3100 is just one example, of course, but we offer a massive array of accessories for all of your alarms, surveillance kits and accessories. Explore the full array of options, and purchase a brand new glassbreak tester, thermostat or flood sensor. We offer the best prices on everything you need, and we ship most orders same business day. So take your home security to the next level, and enjoy renewed peace of mind with Home Security Store.


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