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  • Amseco Latching Type, Double Button Hold-Up Switch

    The housing of this series is specially designed with a status window, red (alarm) and blue (armed), to verify the switch condition. The housing mounting screw is concealed to provide additional tampering protection. The built-in UL approved microswitch design generates an alarm condition when the cover is removed or damaged. The terminal strip consists of three wire ports that provide a firm and secure wiring installation. Learn More

  • Amseco Tool Resettable Hold-Up Switch

    The HUS-7A is a single button, latching hold-up switch designed to provide a rapid signal to alarm systems. It is activated by pressing down the single button switch. Learn More

  • Amseco Momentary Type Double Button Hold-Up Switch

    The HUSD-15B Series is a Form C (SPDT), dual button hold-up switch that is designed to generate an alarm condition only when both buttons are pressed simultaneously, thus preventing accidental triggering. Learn More

  • Amseco Hold-Up Switch - Momentary

    The Model HUB-M provides momentary or latching DPDT contacts for actuating surveillance cameras or other security applications. Learn More

  • Amseco Potter Hold Up Switch-Two Button

    The HUB-T Amseco Potter Hold Up Switch-Two Button provides two sets of momentary or latching DPDT contacts for actuating surveillance cameras or other security applications, in addition to the hold-up signal. The two sets of contacts may be used independently of each other, or they may be wired in series with a jumper wire for additional protection against false alarms. See illustration on page 2. Learn More

  • Amseco Money Clip Hold-Up Device

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    The AMC-2 Money Clip is designed for installation in cash registers, cash boxes, and at teller's windows. The AMC-2 employs a quiet yet highly developed reliable switch mechanism that insures an immediate alarm signal when triggered and connected to a central station. Learn More

  • Amseco Latching Type Double Button Hold-Up Switch

    HUSD-15BL - Amseco Latching Type Double Button Hold-Up Switch Learn More

  • Amseco Key Resettable Hold-Up Switch

    The HUSK-20 is a mechanical hold-up switch designed for silent operation. It is activated by using one finger to press down on the switch. When activated, the switch mechanism locks, insuring an immediate alarm signal. A status window designed on top of the hold-up switch indicates its condition: RED (alarmed) and BLUE (armed). To reset the HUSK-20, use the key provided. The housing is made of metal and is painted gray. Learn More

  • Amseco Emergency Push Button Switch

    Emergency Push-Button switches. Learn More

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Holdup & Panic Buttons

Holdup and panic buttons make up an important piece of the home security puzzle. They enable you to remotely send emergency signals to an alarm system, even if you can’t physically access the control panel. Most panic buttons consist of a single button designed to remotely trigger an alarm, and most holdup buttons can be programmed to send silent triggers to contact the authorities – as is commonly seen in shops, banks and other commercial environments.

Superior Business Security

Holdup buttons are most commonly used in business environments, but they have residential applications as well. When used for businesses, holdup buttons are typically mounted beneath the counter or money drawer. When the transmitter is activated on a holdup button, it sends an RF signal to a corresponding receiver. When the control panel then sends a burglary alarm to the authorities or monitoring station, burglars are unaware that the police are on the way.

And For the Home

Panic buttons are more commonly used in homes, and you have a tremendous amount of freedom when it comes to panic button installation. These devices can be built into the wall to be hidden or to be seen in plain sight, and you can even use portable buttons that look like feyfobs. A portable panic button can be worn around the neck, worn around the wrist, or attached to a key ring. It’s also a good idea to keep a portable panic button at your bedside while you sleep.

A Variety of Panic Buttons to Choose From

The majority of panic button devices consist of a single button, but you’ll also find dual-button options which require the activation of both buttons simultaneously. This configuration makes it more difficult for someone to accidentally trigger a false alarm, and many people find them favorable to the simpler single-button devices. At Home Security Store, we offer dual-button and even triple-button options.

Order Yours

You have a lot of variables to consider. When you make your holdup or panic button selection, you should look for fast and easy enrollment features, as well as water-resistant parts. You’ll also want to consider the mounting equipment, and review the detailed breakdown of all included features. At Home Security Store, we only carry top-quality holdup and panic buttons, made by top manufacturers like Honeywell, Visonic and GE Interlogix. Order yours today, and provide yourself with an invaluable added level of safety.

Holdup & Panic

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