Heat Detectors

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  • Interlogix 521BXT Two-Wire Smoke Detector w/ Heat Sensor

    The 500 Series self-diagnostic, two & four wire smoke detectors are conventional direct-wire smoke detectors with analog features such as remote maintenance/trouble reporting (CleanMe), drift compensation, and multi-criteria detection. Learn More

    Regular Price: $30.00

    Sale $27.00

  • GE Interlogix 500 Series 4-Wire Photoelectric Smoke & Heat Detector

    The 500N series two- and four-wire conventional photoelectric smoke detectors bring together trusted technology and a full line of features to meet the demands of every type of application. The 500N offers sounder models in two - and four-wire applications, specifically to meet residential code requirements. Learn More

    Regular Price: $43.00

    Sale $38.99

  • DSC 4 Wire Photoelectric Smoke Detector W/Heat

    Automatic drift compensation * High/Low sensitivity trouble * Easy-maintenance replaceable chamber * Magnet activated test * Unique, non-contact sensitivity reading with hand- Learn More

  • DSC 2-Wire Photoelectric Smoke Detector w/ Heat

    It goes without saying that every home or business requires a smoke alarm. The DSC 2-Wire Photoelectric Smoke Detector w/Heat is a sophisticated smoke detector that won't let you down. And since the unit is sensitive to both heat and smoke, it will eliminate the often expensive need to purchase additional equipment. Learn More

  • Ademco Wireless Heat Detector

    ADEMCOs 5809 wireless fixed heat and rate-of-rise temperature sensor offers expanded fire detection and installation flexibility. It is ideal for hard to wire locations and Learn More

    Regular Price: $52.95

    Sale $44.62

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Heat Detectors

While smoke detectors remain an invaluable fixture for every home, they don’t provide the ideal solution for temperature detection. When it comes to measuring heat levels, you need a specialized heat detector that triggers whenever the temperature reaches an extreme level. At Home Security Store, we carry the Web’s ultimate selection of sophisticated heat detectors, all available at the most competitive prices.

Finding the Ideal Location

Heat detectors work extremely well in areas where smoke detectors are not recommended. For instance, you might mount heat detectors in your kitchen, garage or attic. These devices are equipped with heat sensors that activate at a specific temperature. The target temperature might be pre-installed—such as at 120 degrees F—or customizable. In addition, the alarm might be set to activate due to a drastic rise in temperature, such as a rate-of-rise element of approximately 15 degrees F per minute.

Heat vs Smoke

When it comes to choosing and installing fire protection for your home, it’s best to use a combination of heat and smoke detectors for complete coverage. Just keep in mind that heat detectors are meant to complement rather than replace your smoke detectors. Your smoke detector will alert you of imminent fire, while your heat detector will alert you potentially dangerous temperature shifts, even in the absence of smoke and fire.

Change Your Batteries Often

Finally, remember to change the batteries in your heat and smoke detectors at least once a year; it’s one of the simplest ways to reduce death and injury, and we can’t overstate how important it is to keep your detectors functioning at peak levels. Fire departments recommend that you change the batteries when changing clocks back to standard time every fall. If you hear your heat or smoke detector chirping on and off, change the batteries immediately.

Revolutionize Your Safety

Home Security Store carries the ultimate selection of heat detectors and temperature sensors from top manufacturers like DSC, Honeywell and GE Interlogix. Browse the full selection and purchase one for your home. While you’re here, be sure to also stock up on spare batteries, so you’ll always be prepared for the unexpected. You can’t put a price on your family’s safety, but that doesn’t mean you should have to pay a fortune. Order now.

Heat Detectors

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