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  • Automatic Voice Dialer w/ Power Failure Notification

    USP's new AVD-2005 voice dialer is an exciting advancement in telecommunications reporting. Activated by almost any type of sensor or alarm voltage, the AVD-2005 will i Learn More

  • Dakota Alert Slave Auto Dialer

    1 Review(s)
    With the AD-01-S Dakota Alert Slave Auto Dialer you'll be able to dial UP TO NINE distinct telephone numbers (numbers can be up to 32 digits long) simultaneously through the push of a button while assigning different 10-second-long recorded messages for each of them. Therefore, NINE different people can respond to NINE different messages, and get you the help you need in case of an emergency. Learn More

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    Sale $74.45

  • Rokonet AGM Wired BUS Version

    3 Review(s)
    The AGM Universal is one of the most advanced and versatile GSM/GPRS modules available. It can be installed in a wide variety of security and control applications using the Learn More

  • SKYLINK AD-105 Emergency Dialer

    3 Review(s)
    Get notified immediately when your alarm goes off. Sends an Emergency Voice Message to: Pagers, Cellular Phones, Offices, Authorities, Relatives, Friends, etc. Learn More

  • STI Burglar Stopper Auto Dialer Distress Alarm

    The STI-WS110 - STI Burglar Stopper Auto Dialer Distress Alarm can work both independently or with your STI-WS100SG2 - STI Burglar Stopper Wire-Free Home Protection System. Ideal for the elderly or more vulnerable people living alone, the STI-WS110 Auto Dialer allows you to instantly call up to EIGHT pre-programmed telephone numbers with the push of a single button so that your family, friends or emergency services can be notified of an emergency situation. Once dialed, your friends or loved ones will listen to a pre-recorded message of your own choosing that will inform them of your dire situation. Learn More

  • TELESPY-Intrusion and Spy Notification Dialer

    6 Review(s)
    The TeleSpy is a clever and reliable combination of a telephone, a motion sensor and a microphone. The TeleSpy is an ordinary telephone that doubles as a monitoring system. Si Learn More

  • United Security Products Automatic Voice Dialer

    Representing an exciting new level of achievement, the AVD-45C combines technologically advanced features, ease of programming and reliable operation in a compact, unobtrusive dialer completely compatible with any security alarm system. Learn More

  • USP Automatic Voice Dialer

    Luckily, UPS Security has delivered a unique and sophisticated voice dialer that will make sure nothing out-of-the-ordinary occurring in your home happens without your knowing about it! The AVD-2010 Automatic Voice Dialer features a total of FOUR distinct channels that allow you to connect external devices like sirens and relays, and is designed to call up to EIGHT different telephone numbers with up to 50 digits each to notify of an emergency situation, including Power Loss. The notification comes in the form of a pre-recorded voice message in any language, and simply uses any regular telephone line to call out to any telephone, cellphone, or even numeric codes to pagers. Learn More

  • USP Remote Responder Auto Dialer

    The AVD-4040 allows for remote arming or disarming of dialer system and control channels from any phone, anywhere. Learn More

  • USP Universal Cellular Dialer

    The advantages of today's cutting-edge cellular technology is not lost on the world of home security. The USP Universal Cellular Dialer is not only a completely self-contained, four-channel dialer that is compatible with ANY security alarm system, but it uniquely houses a cellular-phone inside that will call up to 8 different telephone numbers to notify you and others via a recorded voice message that a trigger event has occurred-all while using NO PHONE LINE, NO CONTRACT, and NO MONITORING FEES. That means no matter where you are you'll know instantly the minute your monitoring system is tripped, at no cost at all! Learn More

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Alarm Dialers Voice and Cellular

If you don’t have an auto dialer as part of your home security plan, it’s time to invest in one. In the event of a security breach, your auto dialer will send automatic calls to your mobile phone, your work phone, your best friend’s cell phone, or any other phone that you pre-program for emergency notifications. Some systems even enable you to receive calls when a child arrives home.

Auto Dialers for the 21st Century

Auto dialers typically work through a standard telephone line, but what do you do if you don’t have a landline? Today, more and more people are foregoing the traditional phone lines and relying fully on their cell phones, and if you find yourself among the millions of wireless loyalists, there is good news. In addition to traditional wired auto dialers, we offer sophisticated dialers which use a cellular link to communicate with your security system. These mechanisms also offer a heightened level of security, because criminals can’t deactivate them by cutting wires.

Access to Multiple Emergency Numbers

Home Security Store carries only the most reliable and sophisticated auto dialers. In most cases, you would record a message of no more than 40 seconds, and program several emergency phone numbers into the system. When the alarm is triggered, the auto dialer begins calling the pre-programmed emergency contacts and playing the voice message. If a particular phone line is busy, or if nobody answers, the auto dialer will hang up and move on to the next number.

Lifesaving Potential for Those Who Need it Most

An auto dialer also has other important uses aside from home security. An elderly or disabled person can use an auto dialer to call for help in the event of an emergency. For these types of applications, the dialer is best used with a wireless keychain transmitter equipped with a panic button. In addition, emergency auto dialers can feature 2-way communication via the unit's speaker phone. This allows the person in trouble to carry on a conversation with the person on the other end of the line.

Dial Your Freedom

Home Security Store carries a wide array of auto dialers, made by leading manufacturers including Dakota Alert and Visonic Security Systems. We offer the best deals, and we ship most orders same-day. So explore the vast selection and give yourself the added freedom and peace of mind.

Dialers Voice & Cellular

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