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  • DSC Tri-Zone Wireless Door Window Transmitter

    3 Review(s)
    The tri-zone wireless door/window contact adds value to any installation by providing installers with thhree zone and reliable 433 MHz technology. Learn More

  • DSC Wireless Door/Window Transmitter

    4 Review(s)
    Slim, compact and attractive to blend into any decor! Can be used as a self contained magnetic door or window contact Complete with surface mount magnet Fully supervised by co Learn More

  • DSC Wireless Door/Window Transmitter - Brown

    Significantly smaller than many door/window contacts, the WS4945 is housed within a compact casing that allows it to be used for the tightest-fitting installations. Learn More

  • DSC Wireless PowerG Door/Window Contact

    The PG9975 Wireless PowerG Door/Window Contact is installed on common intrusions points such as windows and doors to provide perimeter protection of the premise. The PG9975 communicates with the security system to report openings and closings of doors and windows. Learn More

  • DSC Wireless PowerG Door/Window Contact w/ Auxiliary Input

    The PG9945 Wireless PowerG Door/Window Contact with Auxiliary Input is installed on common intrusions points such as windows and doors to provide perimeter protection of the premises. Learn More

  • EV-DW4917- DSC Wireless Recessed Door/Window Contact

    6 Review(s)
    Hidden discreetly within the frame of a door, the wireless recessed door transmitter (EV-DW4917) is powered by a replaceable lithium battery that provides uninterrupted superv Learn More

  • Linear Door/Window Transmitter

    Some of the most vulnerable areas in our homes are our windows and doors. Most home robberies and break-ins involve entry through a window, and while window bars can certainly do the trick when it comes to keeping intruders out, some of us might find them unsightly. These days, there's a wide selection of door and window sensors that detect entry, and Linear's DXT31 door/window transmitter is one of the most reliable on the market. Learn More

  • Linear Miniature Door/Window Transmitter

    The NEW DXS-32 is Linear's smallest door/window transmitter design. This transmitter can be used in a variety of wireless applications. The DXS-32 is powered by two 3-Volt Lit Learn More

  • Linear Wireless Door/Window Sensor

    1 Review(s)
    These wireless transmitters install just as simply as the rest of the system. For installation, simply remove the back plate and then screw the back plate onto the surface nex Learn More

  • Vanishing Wireless Door Window Sensor

    14 Review(s)
    The EV-DW4975 is the industries thinnest supervised door/window contact allowing multitude of applications while hiding the transmitter on a door or window frame. The EV-DW Learn More

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Wireless Transmitters

Wireless transmitters. Are they at least as good as the classic hardwired alternative? Many people actually prefer the wireless options, because—for starters—they do not require additional wiring or drilling. Furthermore, they’re easy to install and very reliable in function, and Home Security Store is pleased to carry a wide array of the highest-quality wireless transmitters available.

Opting for Wireless Transmitters

Over time, manufacturers have managed to perfect wireless transmitters to the point where consumers are hard-pressed to notice any difference between the reliability of wireless vs hardwired options.. Now, a homeowner can feel confident in choosing a contact based on personal preference, without having to worry about whether the wireless signals will actually deliver. Most often, selecting one or the other simply boils down to aesthetic preference and DIY installation capability.

When There’s No Other Option

For some homeowners, wireless transmitters are the default choice, since hardwired transmitters simply cannot be installed on every type of structure. For example, a person living in a home with a flat roof, (without an attic or a basement) will find hardwired installation to be incredibly challenging, if not impossible.

Installing Transmitters

Wireless transmitters are relatively easy to install and do not require an extensive amount of time or labor. In fact, you shouldn’t need more than a screwdriver and perhaps some double-sided tape. If you’re concerned about the installation process, note that all of the instructions are included with the transmitter. While most people experience a trouble-free installation, some may need technical assistance with the programming. This isn’t a common issue, but when it does arise, our tech support team is always happy to answer your questions.

Using Wireless Transmitters with a Hardwired System

Homeowners can enjoy the best of both worlds by creating a combination of hardwired zones and wireless zones. For instance, if you have a hardwired system, you may benefit from additional contacts, such as when adding or redecorating a room, or simply when an existing contact has been damaged and is no longer working properly. Creating a hybrid system is easier than you think, and at Home Security Store, we have everything you need. We offer rapid shipping and unbeatable prices, and we want you to have the best. Browse the full selection and order your new wireless transmitters today.

Wireless Transmitters

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