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Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring – Only $8.95 A Month with Alarm Relay

Alarm Monitoring – Only $8.95 A Month with Alarm Relay

If reliable home security and your family's safety are of top priority to you, then you are more likely to view alarm monitoring as a necessity -- and we here at Home Security Store agree with you!

That's why we highly recommend UL Certified Alarm Relay to complete your home alarm system with top-notch alarm monitoring.

Alarm Relay has over 40 years of experience in the monitoring of security systems. Clients include the US Government, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, and can also include you and your family as well as part of the Alarm Relay network.

Affordable Alarm Monitoring Can Be Yours Today

Through Alarm Relay, Home Security Store is able to offer you direct alarm monitoring for just $8.95 per month. This means that your household can be under the watchful eye of trained security professionals 24 hours a day 7 days a week for less than 30 cents per day.

$8.95 a month! How is this price so reasonable when other Alarm Monitoring Companies are so Outrageous?

We understand why so many people shy away from alarm monitoring. At an insane cost of several hundred dollars per year, this type of security is seen as an added expense that many make the tough choice to avoid, and some homeowners flat out cannot afford. We get it. Considering, though, that the true cost of alarm monitoring actually costs home security vendors less than $100 for an entire year, it pains us to know that so many households are bypassing this coverage solely because slick vendors want to pad their own pockets with inflated profits made from this service. So why is Alarm Relay so low, when other service providers are not? It's simple -- you deal directly with the source because we cut out the supplier in the middle by marketing directly with the Home Security Store. Bottom line -- don't let price gouging cost you security and peace of mind!

The cold, hard facts and nothing but!

Alarm monitoring should never cost $29.95 or higher per month. For years customers have been over-paying for monitoring service. This is due to the fact that the majority of alarm systems were originally financed for a very low dollar amount up front. The alarm company would typically make a return on investment over the course of the 3 to 5 year term of agreement. Moreover, most security systems that are installed in homes and businesses across the U.S. have been paid for years ago. But, does your alarm company call you to tell you that you can stop paying $29.95 per month now? Of course not!

Not a Do-It-Yourselfer? Most Burglar alarm systems are installed by independent alarm dealers. And guess what, they do not have their own central station monitoring. They have to go to a wholesale monitoring provider where they purchase monitoring at wholesale rates. Their wholesale rates are the same price that we offer you today by going direct.

Here's How Monitoring Works:

Perhaps understanding a bit more about how alarm monitoring works will help you decide how important it is to your family's security. This understanding may also help you in selecting a good monitoring company. Here are a few important basics you should know:

  • Whether you are at home or away, alarm monitoring assures that your security system is under close watch.
  • You are immediately alerted whenever an alarm sounds for more than the time required to turn it off (in case it was accidentally triggered).
  • Your alarm is monitored by a team of specially trained live human beings who will contact authorities if unable to contact you about an alarm being sounded at your home or business.
  • If you answer the phone, but are unable to give a safe word or if someone answers the phone who does not know the proper word or phrase to indicate safety, the monitoring operator will immediately call the authorities, alert them to your possible danger and direct them to visit your home right away.

Monitoring Your Business

If you are a business owner using Alarm Relay then you get peace of mind knowing that your property is protected by trained, SIA certified alarm operators who ensure your business is protected by the best in the business. The highly trained staff at Alarm Relay is dedicated to providing you the most responsive and reliable monitoring service.

Medical Alert: Monitoring your Loved Ones

Medical alarms are the solution and key to one's consistent safety. People who find themselves in emergencies have minimal energy if any to get to the phone and call emergency services, or even call a family member in the next room, without a medical alert monitoring, their life is at risk. With Alarm Relay monitoring, you can rest assured that someone will reach them on time in case of an emergency.

In Summation – the Benefits

There are several benefits to having Alarm Relay monitoring your home or business. The biggest reason is the added protection it has. Having your alarm system monitored is like having someone standing guard around your premises at all times. Whenever the alarm is tripped, swift action is taken to figure out what trip the alarm, as well as calling the proper authorities to solve the problem.

  • Security system monitoring makes your home or business three to four times less likely to be burglarized. Why take the chance of not having security system monitoring?
  • You can save money. Not only will you prevent the costs associated with break-ins, but you can also save up to 20 percent on your insurance by having a security system monitored.
  • Security system monitoring offers peace of mind because it never takes a day off. Someone will always be watching over you and your home, family and business.
  • Alarm Relay has over 40 years of experience in installation, service, and monitoring of security systems. Clients include the US Government, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms.

Alarm Relay is indeed UL Certified.

The best alarm monitoring services are those that have received certification from UL. Companies with this certification have been thoroughly vetted by the independent global leader, which specializes in safety science. In providing safety security messages to more than three billion customers worldwide, we tend to agree with others in the industry that a UL certification speaks volumes about how well an alarm monitoring service performs.

Due to the serious nature of this service, alarm monitoring should always be handled by a reputable company with a UL listed central monitoring station. All dispatchers should be specially trained and prepared to handle emergencies, and the monitoring company should hold the very highest rating with the Better Business Bureau. If you are currently shopping for a monitoring company, we highly recommend Alarm Relay.

Protecting Clients Nationwide since 1972

Every hour and every day, Alarm Relay is on the job, and it's been that way for over four decades. Alarm Relay is known for fast, accurate, and responsive alarm monitoring services, providing a high level of protection 24/7 at reasonable prices whereas other monitoring services are at least three times more in cost.


Save between 50-300% off industry standard alarm monitoring costs by connecting to the Alarm Relay central station.

UL Certified Central Station

Alarm Relay has been a UL Listed Central Station for over 10 years