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 About Home Security Store
Home Security Store is located in sunny Riverside, California.

Home Security Store resides under the sun in beautiful Southern California. What started out as a $20,000 idea in 1995 has grown into a multi-million dollar business and we have nobody to thank for our success but you- our loyal customer.

We cater to do-it-yourself home or business owners who know the true value of security- knowing how to operate your alarm or surveillance system- your way.

Why subscribe to outrageous monthly fees and long term commitments when you can get the exact same system here and for half the price? This is the philosophy our business was built on and is why we continue to compete with and surpass other companies.

From start to finish, you’ll find everything you need on our website to build a powerful and affordable home security system. Our services include:

  • Live Sales Team
  • Free Lifetime Tech Support Team Standing By
  • “How To” Videos
  • Product Video Reviews
  • Daily Blogs on Security News and Tips
  • Multiple Ways to Purchase

Our goal is to help you stay one step ahead of whatever threatens you and your family’s safety. We’re proud of and humbled by our business because we realize that there is no difference between you and us. Like you, at the end of the day we go home to our loved ones, hang our hats and activate our alarm and surveillance systems. Come with an idea and we’ll help you grow your security system.

This 'About Us' video showcases all the services we provide to our loyal customers, as told by our employees.

Home Security Store warehous
Our 33,000 square foot warehouse holds over 1,000 different security products including alarm systems, camera systems, spy gear, survival gear and burglary deterrents.